Softgoods: Rendering Footwear with KeyShot

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Prepare to squeeze the stitching out of your seat, we have a great resource to share and the fait accompli that is the official KeyShot shoe. Now, if you slip on a pair of shoes, a backpack or a stylish jacket, you can imagine how softgoods are some of the more challenging items to model and render. They often had many different materials, unique textures, detailed geometry and a variety of colors – not to mention folds, creases, stitches and seams. KeyShot can make quick work of creating images for footwear and other softgood models though, and we have an example to share that will get you started.

Rendering Footwear with KeyShot

This model was created Alfredo Gallozzi and is available on GrabCAD. Our new graphics guru, Rex Roberts, snagged the model to create a special edition shoe and KeyShot scene file for you to download, study and work with. You can download it (an other scene files) from the KeyShot Scenes section of the website. Click on the image below to see a high-res version of the file.

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