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“KeyShot is an invaluable tool when working with collaborators. By using multi-material, we can quickly swap out colors and sticker configurations to quickly generate options.”
“Without KeyShot, we would be forced to build numerous physical prototypes, which would set us back weeks and countless dollars.”
“KeyShot produced better results, at faster speeds and lower cost. It was more versatile than its competitors and we could get people working with it straight off the bat without extensive training.”
“KeyShot gives us the flexibility to use rendered content in our production files for packaging artwork and allows us to focus our time and resources where it matters most–developing a customer experience we are proud of.”
“By utilizing KeyShot, the Caterpillar Industrial Design team members are able to create convincing visuals to set that expectation for a machine’s vision, branding, and execution into production.”
“With its advanced capabilities, especially the new Web Configurator, KeyShot helped us significantly decrease cost by automating the process of creating images of our Moto X product in different views, across a variety of materials, textures and lighting.”
“KeyShot has become the tool of choice to communicate concepts to non-designers as well as serve as a virtual photo studio-specific to form and material studies.”
“KeyShot makes it easy for sales and marketing to customise 3D models and images with private labels to accommodate individual customers.”
“From early concepts to the finished product, KeyShot has been used to visualize our ideas.”
“KeyShot is simple to deploy and use on non-standard products, a user-friendly software that is also strongly professional.”
“Using KeyShot, we were able to produce photo-real renders of our 2021 product line months sooner than we would have with traditional photography and much easier.”
“KeyShot’s ability to help communicate our design vision has enabled richer design discussions with patients and medical professionals, allowing us to experiment and push the medical industry forward.”
“Without KeyShot there is no way we would have hit our ship date.”
“KeyShot is an integral part of our design process, helping us create killer visuals and motion assets in minimal time… It is a truly efficient process integration.”
“There was no tool that bridged the gap easily or reliably until KeyShot came along… we chose KeyShot for the support of the Mac platform and no requirement for any particular graphics card.”


How KeyShot

With a few easy steps, you can create amazing visuals from your 3D models.



See results – instantly.

That’s the power of the KeyShot render engine: Every change you make is instantly updated, so you can evaluate the result within a few seconds. No switching back and forth between render modes, no endless waiting to see what the final rendering will look like. Just sit back and let the final image resolve in front of your eyes.


Light done right.

With just a few clicks, place hyper-realistic lighting throughout even the most complex scenes. KeyShot’s scientific algorithm does the hard work for you.

Stress-Free Syncing

KeyShot was built to connect seamlessly with whichever 3D application you prefer.
Native support for 30+ file formats, free plugins with one-click loading and LiveLinking keeps your design in sync across applications


KeyShot Customers Say…

Always connected.
Always updated.

No need to worry about versions when you’re always up-to-date. As a KeyShot subscriber, you’ll always have access to the newest version and features, plus you can easily change workstations and manage your license from anywhere.