Microsoft Surface Revealed. KeyShot Delivers the Stunning Images.

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This week, Microsoft shook the mobile device scene with the unveiling of their new tablet, the ‘Surface’. It’s all sorts of coolness you would expect to see from a company competing in an aggressive market and KeyShot helped make the visual magic happen in the first images you’ll see of the new device.

Microsoft Surface

The Windows 8 tablet features an optically bonded 10.6″ multi-touch 1920 x 1080 display, magnesium enclosure, multiple input ports, an integrated kickstand, a cover that doubles as a keyboard and an Ivy bridge processor powerful enough to render up sweet 3D images. The visually stunning images you see here and on the Microsoft website, portraying the elegance and energy of the new product, were created using KeyShot.

Luxion worked with Microsoft to create the marketing images that would capture the essence of the new product for Microsoft. They’re set to deliver a whole new level of tablet computing and expressing that in the images was important. And it was all done in record time, from the Pro/E / Creo model to image perfection in 3 weeks. To find out more about the features and see more images visit the Microsoft Surface website. Here are more images of the tablet that is set to launch with the new Windows 8 OS.

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