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Tips – Jul 27, 2016

How to Render Brushed Metals in KeyShot

Metals draw most of their color from the objects around them, which can make them challenging to photograph or These materials, such as chrome or stainless steel, are primarily driven by their We describe metal colors using the Specular parameter, which controls the color of the sharp Controlling the specularity is crucial to getting great looking metal, as

Animation – Jul 19, 2016

Animation of the Week: Shelby Cobra by Tim Feher

Tim Feher has shared his Shelby Cobra 427 rendering with us in the past, but this time he has created and shared a spectacular animation that illustrates the timeless allure of the magnificent Shelby Cobra All data prep was done in Maya, rendered and animated in KeyShot, with post done in Adobe After Follow Tim at his website, Here’s another Shelby

Quick Tips – Jul 13, 2016

Quick Tip 55: Toon Material

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, we look at how to use the Toon Material and how this KeyShot material type allows you to create stylized renderings with outlines, great for use in technical illustration, sketches, cel shading, comic style art and more! Related: Download the Model More quick tips here: Download and try KeyShot

Quick Tips – Jul 7, 2016

Quick Tip 54: Real-time Region Render

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, we look at how to use the Real-time Region Render feature to help you preview a section of your render to maximize your creative output and reduce the time it takes to produce that final Related: How to Use KeyShot Real-time Region Rendering More quick tips here: Download and try KeyShot here:

Tips – Jul 7, 2016

How to Use KeyShot Real-time Region Rendering

When working on scenes in KeyShot with complex lighting or materials, you may notice the Real-time Viewer can take longer to Real-time Region Render can help maintain a fast workflow by allowing to render specific regions of your scene in To initiate Real-time Region Rendering, select the Image tab, located in the At the bottom, click the Region checkbox

Tips – Jul 1, 2016

How to Render Liquid In Glass with KeyShot

Rendering liquids in glass can be challenging, but is very simple when knowing the most effective way to set up your A common mistake is to use solid geometry, with many models including one solid to represent the liquid and one solid to represent the This will usually create issues where the liquid and glass surface is coplanar leading to dark spots or triangles and

Quick Tips – Jun 22, 2016

Quick Tip 53: Roughness Textures

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, we look at Roughness Textures to help you add realism to your rendering, by applying a image texture to the Roughness setting on our Related: The Difference Between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures On certain KeyShot Material Types, you can add a texture to the Roughness With a roughness texture, dark areas of an image lead to a more

Tips – Jun 22, 2016

The Difference Between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures

Many assume Roughness and Bump are the same thing but did you know they are two completely different material properties? We often rely solely on bump textures to enhance our materials in KeyShot but the same texture maps you’ve been using for Bump can also be used for Roughness! Let’s take a look at the difference between roughness and bump, to better understand how they can be

Quick Tips – Jun 20, 2016

Quick Tip 52: Sharp Reflections on Displays

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, you’ll learn the process of applying a sharp reflection to a screen or window using half pins in the KeyShot HDRI More quick tips here: Download and try KeyShot here: Subscribe to our Quick tips on iTunes to view them where ever you are, on the go, on your iPad or at

News – Jun 15, 2016

KeyShot 6.2 Now Available

Download KeyShot today to take advantage of the features and improvements, including updated importers, additional software support and With new features like Interior Lighting, the new Material Graph and Path Animation, KeyShot 6 brings speed and workflow enhancements to the visual creation As we look toward development of the features that users are requesting for