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Customers – Aug 29, 2016

New Pilot Renders By Vitaly Bulgarov

Early today, Vitaly Bulgarov shared some of the new personal work for his Black Phoenix Project, Pilot Bringing back memories of his previous Pilot render, this new version brings in more color, less carbon fiber, an insane amount of detail and all the awesome Vitaly is known He described his workflow: “I started off in ZBrush with a rough bust block-out model just to get the

Animation – Aug 25, 2016

Animation of the Week: Concept Watch By Germain Baillot

Germain Baillot shared an incredible watch concept this week on the KeyShot The unique design stands out for sure, but the animation he created drives home the beauty in the functionality of the Modeled in Alias Surface, and rendered/animated in With its vertical tourbillon, the watch indicates the time by hour and minute/second markings on the outer drums, while

Contest – Aug 22, 2016

Solid Edge University 2016 Rendering Contest

The Solid Edge University 2016 Rendering Contest starts NOW! From today until September 30th, 2016, submit your best KeyShot rendering of a Solid Edge model for the opportunity to win Along with Solid Edge, Lenovo, and 3Dconnexion, Luxion is proud to sponsor this contest and excited to see what people create with Solid Edge and This contest is open to anyone 18 or older, who

Tips – Aug 18, 2016

How to Use the Shift Lens Setting in KeyShot

Let’s talk about Any image rendered with perspective enabled will show convergence, or vanishing points, for all parallel In most cases that is desired since perspective helps us understand scale and proportion, and it’s a realistic interpretation of our vision and Perspective can be described as one-point, two-point or three-point

Tips – Aug 16, 2016

How to Create Occlusion Passes in KeyShot

Often times an Occlusion Pass is used to add depth to a rendering during KeyShot allows you to do this thanks to the Occlusion Recently, we took a look at how occlusion works in KeyShot and how it’s used when creating your If you’re not familiar with the term, we recommend you read about it Here’s a rendering of an engine with no

Quick Tips – Aug 15, 2016

Quick Tip 56: Output Render Samples

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, we look at how to calculate the amount of samples needed to render your scene by using the Heads-Up display and adjusting the amount of samples needed for your More quick tips here: Download and try KeyShot here: Subscribe to our Quick Tips on iTunes to view them where ever you are, on

Tips – Aug 9, 2016

Working with Material Samples in KeyShot

Material Samples (sometimes called glossy samples) control the amount of information a material collects from neighboring objects or the surrounding Most materials in the KeyShot library include a default sample value for that material, but you can increase this value in order to get better quality materials in your This is especially important when adding roughness

Pioneer PLX-1000 Occlusion Radius 2
Tips – Aug 3, 2016

How Occlusion Works in KeyShot

In the world of CGI, ambient occlusion is a shading technique used to add depth to a Occlusion is not a real-world phenomena, but a simple shading technique used by some 3D applications as an alternative to ray tracing to create the illusion of In KeyShot, occlusion can be thought of as shading determined by nearby geometry, so an occluded surface is one that’s near

Tips – Jul 27, 2016

How to Render Brushed Metals in KeyShot

Metals draw most of their color from the objects around them, which can make them challenging to photograph or These materials, such as chrome or stainless steel, are primarily driven by their We describe metal colors using the Specular parameter, which controls the color of the sharp Controlling the specularity is crucial to getting great looking metal, as

Animation – Jul 19, 2016

Animation of the Week: Shelby Cobra by Tim Feher

Tim Feher has shared his Shelby Cobra 427 rendering with us in the past, but this time he has created and shared a spectacular animation that illustrates the timeless allure of the magnificent Shelby Cobra All data prep was done in Maya, rendered and animated in KeyShot, with post done in Adobe After Follow Tim at his website, Here’s another Shelby