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Quick Tips – Jun 22, 2016

Quick Tip 53: Roughness Textures

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, we look at Roughness Textures to help you add realism to your rendering, by applying a image texture to the Roughness setting on our Related: The Difference Between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures On certain KeyShot Material Types, you can add a texture to the Roughness With a roughness texture, dark areas of an image lead to a more

Tips – Jun 22, 2016

The Difference Between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures

Many assume Roughness and Bump are the same thing but did you know they are two completely different material properties? We often rely solely on bump textures to enhance our materials in KeyShot but the same texture maps you’ve been using for Bump can also be used for Roughness! Let’s take a look at the difference between roughness and bump, to better understand how they can be

Quick Tips – Jun 20, 2016

Quick Tip 52: Sharp Reflections on Displays

In this KeyShot Quick Tip, you’ll learn the process of applying a sharp reflection to a screen or window using half pins in the KeyShot HDRI More quick tips here: Download and try KeyShot here: Subscribe to our Quick tips on iTunes to view them where ever you are, on the go, on your iPad or at

News – Jun 15, 2016

KeyShot 6.2 Now Available

Download KeyShot today to take advantage of the features and improvements, including updated importers, additional software support and With new features like Interior Lighting, the new Material Graph and Path Animation, KeyShot 6 brings speed and workflow enhancements to the visual creation As we look toward development of the features that users are requesting for

Events – Jun 9, 2016

Join Us at KeyShot World | Stuttgart 2016

The second annual KeyShot World | Stuttgart is coming This event, taking place Thursday, June 23rd, will be the the largest conference for all things KeyShot in Join us as INNEO Solutions hosts the event from FILharmonie Filderstadt just south of Stuttgart, Germany off the During the one day event, KeyShot users will enjoy keynote sessions by professional KeyShot users

Animation – Jun 7, 2016

Animation of the Week: Kobra Smartwatch Concept

Our KeyShot ‘Animation of the Week’ is the Kobra Smartwatch concept by Sebas Sebas is an automotive designer by trade, but he also shares a lot of product design renders and concepts outside of His latest, shared via the KeyShot forum, is a smartwatch concept that is, honestly, one of the most ingenious approaches to watch design in general, and smartwatch

Events – Jun 7, 2016

Join Us For INNEO Interactive 2016

On June 16, INNEO Solutions will be hosting INNEO Interactive 2016, a full day of process-oriented keynotes and sessions for users of PTC products or At the event, Luxion Digital Media Artist, Dries Vervoort, will be presenting on the process of creating amazing visuals with KeyShot at Stop in and say hi, learn more about KeyShot and stick around to ask us questions! During

Contest – Jun 6, 2016

Darko Markovic Wins 'The Journey' With Visuals Created Using KeyShot

When Darko Markovic first posted his idea for a future concept vehicle, we knew it was going to be The theme of Artstation’s ‘The Journey’ challenge was to ‘capture a stage of the journey’ and to ‘convince the viewer to care about the Darko knew scale was going to be central to his concept and through it, he not only convince people

Quick Tips – May 26, 2016

Quick Tip 51: Embossed and Debossed Logos

In this Quick Tip, you’ll learn how to make embossed and debossed logos on any geometry within KeyShot Modeling a logo into a piece of geometry can be a time-consuming KeyShot speeds up your workflow by allowing you to use graphics to create convincing embossed or debossed To create the embossed or debossed effect, you’ll want to start with a white version of your

Animation – May 24, 2016

Animation of the Week: Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors by Esben Oxholm

If you follow Esben Oxholm on Instagram or on the KeyShot Forum, you know he produces some amazing work using KeyShot and has done a lot of interesting experiments with different workflows that include KeyShot Recently, he shared a project done for Fender for the launch of the Fender Pro In-Ear You can see the renderings on the Fender homepage and the product page, but