Insta-Presentations & New Security Options Now Available in KeyShot Web

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KeyShot Web makes it easy for you to share 360-degree views of your concepts and creations without waiting on rendering time. Now, new features allow you to quickly share interactive presentations, and new security options give you full, flexible control over exactly who can view your work.  

Impress in an Instant with Interactive Presentations

Quick status request from your boss or client? No sweat. Just use the new KeyShot Web presentation feature, which allows you to share a 3D view, images and an interactive 360-degree view, all without having to wait for your final rendering. 

Keep Your Work Locked Down with New Security Options

Similar to how you control sharing access in platforms such as Google Drive or Sharepoint, you can now send invites to different email addresses. This new feature replaces the previous password option, and you can remove an individual’s access at any time.

Make Your Workday Easier with KeyShot Web

KeyShot Web turns a single KeyShot scene into 360-degree assets for your team, your clients and your customers. This means it’s easier to share works in progress with just a few clicks, create marketing-ready visuals, and show customers the product from every angle. Freelancers and designers at organizations large and small use the KeyShot Web add-on to power their workflow. 

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Written By Tara Cavanaugh

Tara is the Content Marketing Manager at KeyShot, where she works with the product marketing, branding, customer experience and reseller teams.


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