Our Favorite Learning Resources to Help You Become a Rendering Master

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With so many ways to learn about KeyShot and 3D rendering online, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner, an advanced render-er or anything in between, here are our favorite learning resources to take your work to the next level. 

For Getting Started  

If you’re just getting started with KeyShot or you’d like a refresher, start with the UI 101 videos on our YouTube channel. These super-short videos show you where to find commonly used tools and helpful shortcuts in the user interface. 

Popular UI 101 videos  

For Learning the Latest in KeyShot  

KeyShot is updated regularly, so if you want to learn about the newest features and additions, check in on Quick Tips.  

Popular Quick Tips 

For a Super Quick Answer  

What’s convenient when you’re working in an office? Being able to throw out a question and get an immediate answer from someone nearby. If you need a quick answer but an expert is nowhere close, turn to the Pixel Fondue KeyShot videos. Produced by New Balance Director of 3D Visualization William Vaughan, these videos show you exactly what you need, without having to weed through a 40-minute video to find it – most of these are around 30 seconds long. 

For In-Depth Learning  

Sometimes it’s refreshing to treat yourself to an in-depth creativity boost. Dive into KeyShot Webinars on our YouTube channel, taught by on-staff KeyShot experts and by designers just like you – like a 2D artist turned 3D designer or a product designer for a gaming company

We also recommend tutorials by Will Gibbons, a product visualization specialist who provides truly excellent step-by-step guidance. 

Webinars to Watch 

For a Learning Community You Can Lean On 

Find all levels of KeyShot experts in the Luminaries community. Workshop your work, grow your network, learn from fellow designers, and participate in fun design challenges that encourage you to grow as an artist. Even better, being active in the community can earn you points for great prizes, like a free year of KeyShot Pro. Check it out

KeyShot rendering in header image by Insta user amir.s.design.

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Written By Karim Merchant

Karim is an industrial design professional and Creative Specialist at KeyShot. Karim leads the KeyShot Quick Tips and other learning series on YouTube; you can also find Quick Tips on the KeyShot website.


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