Save Time. Create a Virtual Photo Studio in KeyShot.

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KeyShot saves you a lot of time with simple set-up and speedy rendering, but there are other things you can do to make your visual creation go even faster. With KeyShot 4 we introduced many new features including Model Sets and View Sets. We also improved Material Templates which automatically apply materials to your model on import. All features that save time when applying materials and creating camera views. In combination with these, you can create a scene with everything already set up for reuse as your virtual photo studio. Here’s how to do it.

Your Virtual Photo Studio

This KeyShot Quick Tip demonstrates how to utilize a virtual photo studio to essentially eliminate environment and camera set up time when working with a series of similar models in KeyShot.

There are essentially three steps to setting up a Virtual Photo Studio in KeyShot and, if you already use KeyShot, it’s likely you have a scene you could start with. To create a Virtual Photo Studio:

  1. Set up your camera views
  2. Set up your environment
  3. Remove your model and save

Optional steps in the process may include creating Material Templates and View Sets or adding an animation. By doing this, you can can apply a Material Template to a model on import, have a preset animation, then flip through the View Sets and add each shot to the queue.

The wonderful thing about this is that you can create as many photo studios as you need for as many types of product shots that you have, essentially knocking down the time it takes to set-up a shot to minutes if not seconds.

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