How to Make Awesome KeyShot Animations Like These

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You all should really pat yourselves on the back: You’ve been cranking out some incredible KeyShot animations this year!

We’ve gathered some of our favorites below, from working professionals, creative hobbyists and the KeyShot Luminaries community. If you’re new to KeyShot animations or just want to improve, we’ve also compiled some helpful tips and videos.

And if you haven’t joined Luminaries yet, you’ll want to check it out. You can network with fellow designers, learn the latest tips and tricks in KeyShot, get special access to new KeyShot updates, and try out fun challenges. Even better, you can earn points for these activities, which you can then redeem for great prizes (like a free year of KeyShot).

Puneet Singh

Don Tuttle

Don is a KeyShot global training specialist. If you’re interested in group, on-site or individualized training, you can learn more here.


Erdem Erduvan


Katie Kearns


Nicolas Paredes


Anto J


Yilmaz Salman


KeyShot Animation Training Resources

In addition to the KeyShot Manual: Animation rundown, you can also check out these helpful videos below.

Camera Keyframe Animations

Quick Tip: Exploded View Animations

Advanced Animation Tutorial

Will Gibbons Camera Path Animations Tutorial

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