Our Favorite Disney Themed KeyShot Renderings from KeyShot Luminaries

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This month, The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. To ring in the occasion, we asked the KeyShot Luminaries community to come up with their most creative Disney-themed KeyShot renderings. And they did not disappoint!

If you haven’t joined Luminaries yet, be sure to check it out. You can network with fellow designers, learn the latest tips and tricks in KeyShot, get special access to new KeyShot updates, and try out fun challenges. Even better, you can earn points for these activities, which you can then redeem for great prizes (like a free year of KeyShot).

Nacho Riesco

Did you know that Nacho also makes stunning, imaginative jewelry renderings? See more here.

Bautista Ward

Giorgio Bianchini

Marina Hunter

You can see more of Marina’s renderings, and learn how she made the leap from 2D to 3D design, here.


Luminaries user Sutherland prompted us to pose this challenge to the community. Thanks for the great idea, Sutherland!

K Phoenix

Ranu Karanpuria

Oliver Yu

Oliver shared: “One of my favorite things about this generation of media that Disney is putting out is its representation. Growing up in Southern California, my upbringing was very white washed, ingesting white American media, going to Catholic private schools, and growing up in a society of mostly wealthy Caucasians.

“I am a big fan of Big Hero 6, cause it has a blend of American and Asian cultures, seemingly combined together, which I feel reflects my culture and life being an American born Chinese. Also with a more comic book type of feel than your typical fantasy themed princess story, it was instantly something I could relate to.

“With that said, I put together a render of a coffee/tea set with an homage to Baymax. Are you satisfied with your care?”

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