One Fabulous Power Tool Rendering in KeyShot (and All the Files too)

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Power Tools. Hammer Drills. I tell ya what, you can’t have enough incredible 3D renderings of drills. Am I right? You also can’t have enough KeyShot files (.ksp) to show you how it’s done. That’s why we’re grateful to Tim Feher who has been so kind as to share the renderings and the files of this beautiful image he has created.

Power Tool Rendering

Tim first posted about the drill going through some variations from the KeyShot community. After some tweaks, he posted the .ksp file of the fabulous drill image. After comparing the results of the two with an image of an actual drill, he’s planning to make some more adjustments.

Here’s the comparison of the rendered versions Tim created and the example photo.


And here’s the latest rendering that Tim has created.


Anyone care to have a go at the rendering? All you need is the .ksp file below. Another big thanks to Tim for providing this. In it you’ll see how he has create the materials for every little part of the drill.

Dewalt Drill .ksp file (442MB) (original forum post)

And, if you would like to start from scratch, here’s the Dewalt Drill STEP Model at GrabCAD.

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