Some Gorgeous White Aston Martin One-77 Inspiration

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This isn’t a rendering. This is inside the Aston Martin factory. Yes, that’s the factory and the new Aston Martin One-77 Supercar waiting for final testing. Wired has published an article about how the British car maker is taking a new approach to building the One-77 Supercar and boy, if you love cars or are human in any way… it is really interesting. You can read the entire story over at Wired.

The Aston Martin One-77 Supercar

Wired takes a look inside the new Aston Martin build facility where they’re constructing the new One-77 Supercar with a new approach to the factory floor.

“But when Aston set out to build its radical One-77 flagship, it stepped away from its main manufacturing facility and constructed a small structure where it turned the assembly line concept upside down. Rather than move the car along a line as it’s constructed, there are seven workstations where craftsmen and parts revolve around each vehicle. The setup hews more closely to the golden age of bespoke coachbuilding than the brave new world of hyper-efficient mass-production.

Source: Wired

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