Creating a Product Configurator with KeyShotWeb

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The KeyShot Configurator is a KeyShot Pro feature used to present model and material variations in real-time for design reviews and interactive point-of-sale displays. With the KeyShotWeb add-on, you can take these high-quality, touch-enabled visuals into any web browser, presentation software, or share in KeyShot Viewer.

Using the KeyShot Configurator

The Configurator Wizard is an easy step-by-step process that guides you through the setup of a configuration. Creating your Model Sets and Multi-Materials first makes this really easy. Here, we’ll quickly go through the wizard, then learn all the ways you can output a configuration.

1. Select the Type of Configurator

First, select what you want to present – a Model Variation, Material Variation, or a Model and Material Variation – then add your Parent Model. This is the top-level product variation you wish to share.

2. Select the Component Variations

Select the product variations you wish to include as Components. You can take this further and use Component Groups to create configurable groups of various components. For example, a panel of buttons or parts that have the same material.

3. Select Material Variations

Material Variations basically set themselves up if you already have Multi-Materials applied. Choose your Material Sets (the Multi-Materials you want to use in your configurator) so you can set up Material Ways (that determine which Multi-material appears).

4. Add Studios

Studios allow you to use different combinations of Cameras, Environments, and Image Styles in your configurator. You can select existing Studios you have already set up in KeyShot or create new Studios.

5. Customize the Layout

Lastly, the Layout section gives you options to customize your presentation from Interface and Thumbnail Size to Toolbar, Panels, Styling and more.

How Can You View KeyShot Configurators?

1. View in Presentation mode within KeyShot

Press the Presentation mode button in the toolbar. This is a quick way to switch back and forth between editing and viewing the KeyShot scene.

2. Share with KeyShot Viewer

KeyShot Viewer is free, stand-alone software that allows you to securely share scenes for interactive viewing. Save a .ksp by selecting File, Save Package… or Save for KeyShot Viewer… if you want to protect the file with a password or add logo or watermark. This is a powerful and easy tool that I strongly recommend, especially when sharing or presenting your work with non-KeyShot users.

3. Create a Webpage

The KeyShotWeb add-on allows you to generate a product configurator, with the same high-quality interactivity, for viewing on a website (or in presentation software, like Powerpoint and Keynote). In the Render dialog, select the Configurator tab and choose Web Configuration. When finished rendering, just launch the .html file in the folder and explore the product variations.

4. Create an iBook Widget

Included with the KeyShot Web add-on, is iBooks widget output for viewing on any iOS device. Just check the Create iBooks Widget option in the Configurator tab.

Using the KeyShot Configurator with the KeyShotWeb add-on unlocks multiple options for sharing. Check out the KeyShot Store to purchase KeyShot Pro and KeyShotWeb and don’t forget to download the free KeyShot Viewer for any future scene sharing. For more information on these topics, check out our manual.

What Can You Create?

We would love to see what you create with this tip. Visit the KeyShot Amazing Shots forum to see what others are creating and share your own work. And if you have a suggestion for another tip share it in the comments below.

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