Maximizing Your Product Design Portfolio: 4 Proven Tips

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You’ve spent months, if not years, building a portfolio of your product designs. It’s online, open to all who want to feast upon the brilliance of your illuminated perspective on everything from chairs and toasters to the most innovative exploration of medical devices. Yet, you hardly feel a buzz. With all the ways to promote your work online, the insurmountable options and proper course to ultimate promotion power may seem daunting. However, there are a few tips you can stash in your laptop case to be more efficient at plugging your portfolio and even have others do the work for you.

1. Focus the range of your skills

You’ll likely be taking a variety of design classes or, if your your out of school, have wide and varying interests. Perhaps it’s cars, consumer products, jewelry or soft goods. Showing all of it is fine, but group your projects and feature your best work.

Kevin Wolff has a great Coroflot portfolio showing his design skills.

2. Add descriptions to your images

Nothing makes it easier for a blog or company to promote your design than a good description. Include details like your inspiration, software used, design shows entered. The more detail you have, the more people will be able to learn about you, the design and how you made it happen. The more you provide, the more they provide to their readers.

Douglas Lim provides great descriptions of his projects in his portfolio.

3. Really promote on Facebook and Twitter

You can post your images or entire portfolio on Twitter or Facebook, but unless you’re telling the right people, you’re not reaching as many people as you could. Seek out the companies of the software you use, design blogs you would like to be featured on. Make mention of them in your tweet or Facebook update. It’s likely (as we have done) that companies will be watching and you will have your work shared with a larger audience.

Image: EntaStudio is a team that regularly posts their KeyShot Renderings on Facebook and lets us know about it.

4. Let others do the work

Here’s what it comes down to. Companies are watching for users that use their software and products. We’re watching. We love to see what people are doing with KeyShot, how they’re using it throughout every step of the product design process. Companies want to promote their product as much as you want to promote your design, so why not get their help? Now, don’t spam them or expect posts of your stuff every hour, but give them a heads up and they’re sure to notice.

Image: Just a few mentions of KeyShot that help us share what you’re working.

Here at Luxion, we keep a regular eye on any mention of KeyShot on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the blogosphere. Follow us, share your work and get more promotion!

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