Using KeyVR Connect for Collaborative VR Design Reviews

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KeyVR Connect is a new feature that allows you and your team to join the same virtual scene where you can collaborate and make design decisions in real time, from anywhere. If you’re new to KeyVR, it’s a way to go from your KeyShot scene to a VR environment with a single-click. It’s made for designers, requires no coding, and is the easiest way to go from 3D to VR. You can find out more and try it at Now let’s get started!

Collaborative VR Design Reviews

First we need to go over two basic rules before hosting a KeyVR Connect session.

Rule One: All team members need to be on the same network.
This simply means that everyone needs to share the same IP address. If you and your team members are not under the same local network, you can all use a VPN service to securely connect. If you need help with this, contact your IT administrator for VPN software options.

Rule Two: All team members must use the exact same KeyShot Package (.ksp) file as the host.
Using files that are slightly different will not work with KeyVR Connect. The easiest and best way to ensure that everyone is using the same file is to launch the scene directly from the KeyVR desktop app.


Hosting a Session

Once loaded in, you will see the KeyVR Connect options on the lower left side of the screen. Coordinate with your team on who will host the session. If you are hosting the session select Host Session.  The KeyVR Connect window will then populate a session code, as well as a Users window where you can view who has joined. Select the copy to clipboard icon to easily share this unique code with your teammates.

Joining a Session

Now, if you are joining a session, select the Join Session option, type in the special code provided by the host, and select Connect. You will then be loaded into the hosted scene.

While others are waiting to connect, you can take some time to change your display name and the color of your virtual avatar. Soon, you’ll see team members enter your scene. Now that you are all in a shared scene, any changes made by any user in the scene will be seen in real-time for everyone to experience.

As you can see, KeyVR Connect is a collaborative VR solution to complement your design workflow. With it, you can make decisions about materials, colors, and configurations, view product options in real-world context, and seek out client approval from anywhere in the world, all in the same virtual space.

You can learn more about the KeyVR Connect and other KeyVR capabilities in the KeyVR Manual. If you’re interested in trying KeyVR, just visit

What Can You Create?

We would love to see what you create with this tip. Visit the KeyShot Amazing Shots forum to see what others are creating and share your own work. And if you have a suggestion for another tip share it in the comments below.

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