The KeyShotVR Interactive 3D Contest

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We’re kicking off this month with a new contest and the chance to win a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation + KeyShotVR. We’re excited to see how people are using KeyShotVR to promote their product and portfolios, giving customers a new way to interact with their product across the web and mobile device. So, we want to see what you can create and how you apply it to the product of your company. It’s the perfect opportunity to show how it can be used to others in your company and the entire KeyShot community! Here are the details!

We’re also very happy to have
Pinfor Spanish Design and Engineering firm as a featured customer of this contest. You can see many more VR’s on their site, view and interact with them on your touchscreen or mobile device.

KeyShotVR Interactive 3D Contest

For this contest, we don’t have a specific theme or model for you to render. Instead, we want this to be an opportunity to share your work or use it as an experiment to show your boss, friends, customers, clients or shareholders how KeyShotVR can bring a whole new user experience to your products.

We’ll have two winners. One for Grand prize and a runner-up for First prize. The Grand prize wins a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation + KeyShotVR, the First prize receives KeyShot + KeyShotVR. All will receive the enduring admiration of the KeyShot crew and community!

Note: If you have questions on the contest, simply reply to the KeyShotVR Contest Overview forum thread.


  • Create a KeyShotVR of a product or portfolio item
  • The KeyShotVR must be submitted with the following render settings:
    • Resolution: 800px by 800px
    • Smoothness: 10º – 20º increments in either direction. If doing a Turntable go with 10º. For hemispherical and others go 20º.
    • Image quality: Between 80 – 90% (in the KeyShotVR render tab – default setting is 80%.)

Note: For a KeyShot with KeyShotVR trial that doesn’t produce a watermarked renderings, email [email protected] with “KeyShotVR Contest” in the subject line. You will receive a 15 day license for use in the contest.

To submit your KeyShotVR and enter the contest:

Note: With your submission, it’s nice to know what work went into the process! Tell us what modeling software or other tools are used, what the inspiration or applications is. It’s always interesting to know!

Judged on:
The submissions will be judged by KeyShot staff on three criteria:

  • Application
  • Creativity
  • Composition

Grand prize: KeyShot Pro + Animation + KeyShotVR
First prize: KeyShot + KeyShotVR

Sunday December 12th, Midnight (12 am) PST.

The winner will be announced Thursday, December 20th on the KeyShot blog, newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter.

Small Print:
Luxion retains the right to use the KeyShotVR submitted for purposes of promotion and marketing. All rights to the KeyShotVR and rendered images belong to the person creating the image and attribution will be given when an image is used. Additional requests for use of model, images or KeyShotVR may be requested of the user via email.

We’re also very happy to have Pinfor Spanish Design and Engineering firm as a featured customer of this contest. If you are using KeyShotVR

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Written By Josh Mings


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