KeyShot Video Tutorials: Material Creation in KeyShot

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Last week we brought you a brief introduction to using textures in KeyShot. That skimmed the surface of all that’s possible in KeyShot. Underneath, lies so much more. So, we’ve put together a series of video tutorials that takes you through materials, textures and applying them to an example scene. It’s three videos with over an hour of solid material that you can watch and apply to the 3D rendering you’re creating today.

Material Creation in KeyShot

In this series, Brian Townsend takes you through detailed explanations of materials, textures and the process of applying materials and textures to different objects in a scene. There are plenty of tips and tricks along they way, with additional methods of navigating the interface, using different maps and creating the lighting effect you need.

You can watch them all below or visit our Tutorials to see this series and a other tutorials for KeyShot.

Lesson 1: The basics

Lesson 2: Using textures

Lesson 3: Putting it all together

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Written By Josh Mings


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