How to Use the EXR Output Option in KeyShot 2023

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KeyShot 2023 provides plenty of new options, including Multilayer EXR output for post-processing workflows. If you’ve ever wanted to output multilayer files but weren’t a part of the Adobe ecosystem, now you’re in luck: the EXR option is just what you need, and it’ll only take two minutes to learn how to use it.

Using MultiLayer EXR Output

EXR output can be found under the Output Settings in the render window. Click on the Format drop-down and choose EXR from the menu.

If you’re a Photoshop user or are familiar with processing PSD output, EXR is essentially the same thing, but it’s packaged in a more universally accepted file format, which fits a wider range of post-processing workflows.


Once you’ve selected to use EXR output from the dropdown, you’ll notice a Create Multi-Layer File checkbox appears at the bottom of the Layers and Passes section. Enabling this option embeds the output render layers and passes within your EXR file.

At this point, you can go ahead and render your scene as you normally would. You will then find your rendered EXR in your designated render folder and open it for post-processing from there.

Some Notes about EXRs

  • Depending on the application you are using to post-process your renders, you may need a plugin to view your exported layers
  • EXRs also produce a significantly smaller output file size in comparison to PSD outputs. This can prove useful even if you are already a Photoshop user.

So, if you’re looking for a more universal output format or just something smaller in size that’s more manageable, give the KeyShot EXR output a try.

What Can You Create?

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Written By Karim Merchant

Karim is an industrial design professional and Creative Specialist at KeyShot. Karim leads the KeyShot Quick Tips and other learning series on YouTube; you can also find Quick Tips on the KeyShot website.


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