How to Activate the KeyShot for NX Plugin

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KeyShot imports all major 3D file formats and has plugins for many of the most common. Among those is the KeyShot for NX plugin, a premium plugin that allows LiveLinking capability between KeyShot and Siemens NX.

KeyShot for NX Plugin

The KeyShot for NX plugin is a premium plugin that requires a subscription license for use with your KeyShot Pro subscription. Once you purchase a license of KeyShot for NX, you may download it from or from the KeyShot plugin manual. The manual also provides additional detail on requirements, installation, and settings. Now, let’s dive into how to activate the KeyShot for NX plugin.


Activating the KeyShot for NX Plugin

Once purchased and installed, you can activate the KeyShot for NX plugin subscription by opening KeyShot, clicking Help at the top of the program window, and selecting Activate license… from the drop-down menu.

At this point, the Activation Wizard will appear. The Activate my license option should be selected. Hit Next and select the I want to change my subscription license option. Hit Next. Make sure you are signed in, then proceed to activate the KeyShot for NX plugin by selecting Add Module button under your active KeyShot subscription. Then, simply enter your activation code (received via the purchase confirmation email) and select Activate.

After successfully activating your License, the KeyShot for NX plugin will be listed directly under your existing KeyShot Pro Subscription. Next, you will see a KeyShot 11 menu in Siemens NX that allows you to Render your models in KeyShot, which creates a LiveLink between KeyShot and Siemens NX, which allows you to Update models you have imported.

You can learn more about the KeyShot for Siemens NX plugin and other KeyShot plugins in the KeyShot plugin manual. If you’re interested in trying KeyShot Pro, just visit

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