SEAL Wearable Swim Monitor Visualized with KeyShot

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We were excited to see a product concept visualized in KeyShot that is not only life-changing, but potentially life-saving. The SEAL wearable swim monitoring and drowning detection system is a product being developed by Thermocline Ventures, Inc. It’s a low-profile device worn around the neck that alerts parent and lifeguards in the event of a prolonged underwater event. Charles Hunt, Head of Innovation and Design at Thermocline Ventures, gave us some further insight into the product and how KeyShot helped play a role in creating the visuals and communicating the concept.

Visualize Safety

In an effort to spread awareness of this new swim monitor and drowning detection system, as well as rally some financial support, Thermocline has recently launched both a website and a crowdfunding campaign on Both sites show some images of the products, modeled in Autodesk Alias Design and rendered in KeyShot 4.


We are very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far and feel this system will make swimming safer and more enjoyable for all.” says Charles, “The SEAL offers parents and lifeguards an extra layer of protection by issuing unmistakable warnings and alarms at first sign of swimmer distress. These early notifications enable parents and lifeguards to overcome distractions and chaos common in swim environments and to respond in a timely manner before medical complications or drowning ensues.”

In the development of the SEAL system, KeyShot played a huge role in helping to visualize and communicate ideas both within the product development team as well as with sales and marketing. “Outside of the company, the ability of KeyShot to produce photorealistic images has helped engage investors and clearly communicate product details with various vendors supporting the project.” Charles explains, “New features such as rounded edges, improved material transparency and interactive HDR environment editing has enabled us to create visual material faster and more accurately then ever before. Building our 3D geometry in Autodesk Alias Design, I appreciate the seamless transfer of Alias Design data directly into KeyShot. The workflow is simple and intuitive and has greatly improved efficiency and output.”

With so many lives this could save, we’re proud to be part of the project to help communicate how the product works. You can find out more at their website or Facebook page and be sure to stop by and support the campaign on!







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