New Plugins for Creo and Pro/ENGINEER add KeyShot Export and More

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If you’re one of the 400,000 Pro/ENGINEER or Creo users, there’s wonderfully juicy KeyShot news coming your way. We’ve updated both the Creo and Pro/E plugins with features that make export and import more exciting than it should be. This is version 1.3 of the plugin and with it we’ve packed smoother interaction and more options. We add one feature in particular that allows any Pro/E or Creo user the ability to export to KeyShot without even having KeyShot installed. Excited? Here are all the details.

KeyShot Plugin for Creo and Pro/ENGINEER

Today we release version 1.3 of the KeyShot plugin for Creo and Pro/E, providing the ability to write out a KeyShot file (.bip) without the need of having KeyShot installed.

This allows engineers and designers the ability to provide models to one another much faster. With a one-button export of the KeyShot file directly from the Pro/ENGINEER or Creo interface, anyone can now output a KeyShot file. This makes it a standard file format for any Pro/ENGINEER or Creo user. On top of that, the .bip file maintains the camera settings, assembly structure, part level appearance and the orientation of the model. Plus, it speeds up the process and allows people to send files in the KeyShot format rather than having to share IP in form of actual geometry.

So, don’t worry about putting pretty colors and packing up that model with all the nuts and bolts. Just export a KeyShot file and pass along.

Other features of the plugin include:

  • Tessellation refinement
  • Orientation of assembly upon import
  • Use of part level appearances
  • Optional use of assembly level appearances (Creo only)
  • Ability to merge identical parts into one single material group
  • Optional export of Pro/E / Creo orientations
  • Automatically launch KeyShot and import assembly when installed.
  • Bug fixes for camera, tesselation and more

The plugin is absolutely free and can be downloaded immediately from the KeyShot website. Pro/ENGINEER and Creo versions currently supported by the plugin are Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3-5, Creo/Elements Pro. Creo 1.0. KeyShot is available for PC and Mac and can import native Pro/ENGINEER and Creo data on either platform without the need of the plugin.

Image: Benjamin Garson. Modeled in Pro/E, rendered in KeyShot. Via GrabCAD.

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