3D Rendering 2.5 Billion Polygons with KeyShot on 80 Cores… Try That on a GPU.

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Before we exit out the year, we’ve got to get one more love jab in on GPU rendering and show you the power of KeyShot fully CPU-based 3D rendering. You know KeyShot’s real-time ray-tracing is fast, even on a typical quad-core system with a few giggys of RAM. And, you’ve probably heard of Intel’s 80 core machines all the way back to 2007, but did you know KeyShot is one of the few software programs able to utilize 100% of all that raw hyper-threaded power? It’s true. And if you haven’t seen the video of Brain Townsend in full render mode showing how KeyShot plays on Intel’s 80 core beast, you’re about to. Hit it.

Ultimate 3D rendering on the CPU

Tweaktown shot the video below of Brian’s demo. He goes over the capabilities of KeyShot from the scientifically accurate materials and the real-world lighting to depth of field and how KeyShot is using industry leading technology for subsurface scattering. Finally, you’ll see that rendering 2.5 Billion polygons in real-time is no problem for KeyShot and Intel’s hardware.

[Experience ] the raw power of the Xeon platform in the form of four Intel Westmere EX processors. Each CPU has 10 cores per chip with Hyper-Threading enabled giving us an insane total of 80 processing threads to work with on a single system.

2.5 Billion polys at 5.8 frames per second… Yeah, try that on a GPU.

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