The YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge

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We’re thrilled to announce the YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge, a unique opportunity for you to explore KeyShot’s powerful Material Graph and 3D Paint features to create the materials of your dreams. Winners will not only be awarded KeyShot Pro Subscription but will also get to see their material on the KeyShot Cloud certified materials list. Winning renders will even be showcased on KeyShot’s startup window to thousands of KeyShot users across the world!

Design the KeyShot Material of Your Dreams

This is your chance to design the material of your dreams, creating something you wish everyone could use in their renderings. The challenge is simple. Design your own material – you could use KeyShot’s procedural textures, image files from the internet (free use non-copyrighted), or images of your own.

The YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge has no rules – just have fun and keep creating! Need an exotic carbon fiber material? Create your own! See a nice terrazzo texture at your local cafe? Click a picture and turn it into a material! Need a never-before-seen cloth for that shoe design? Here’s the perfect opportunity to make it and share it with the world.

Once you design your material, how you present it matters too. Apply your material to an appropriate product and create a rendering that highlights your material in the best way possible. For example, if you design a wooden material, apply it to a piece of furniture. If you make a ceramic material, showcase it on a vase that’ll wow everyone! You can create and submit as many renderings as you want (or even an animation) exploring the product from different angles, or even up close if your material is detailed. Also, don’t forget to show us what the material looks like on the iconic KeyShot Material Ball! (Model downloads at link below.)

How to Participate

To participate, upload your renderings on Instagram (a few renders of a product, and one of the material ball) and tag + follow the @yankodesign and @keyshot3d accounts while also using the #YDxKeyShot hashtag. You can get your hands on a free trial of KeyShot 11, the material ball, along with other assets here. To unlock the trial, use the Trial License Code KSYANKO22 during installation. Participants in the YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge must be above the age of 18.

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