The NUT. Ultimate Protective Case for Your iPhone.

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How many iPhone cases do you imagine there are? Now, how many iPhone cases do you think there are that protect your sacred device from wind, rain, mud, 30 foot falls and projectile vomit? One. It’s the NUT Case from UK-based Okoqu Limited. Steve Jones and Russell Beard are the brains behind the design. They’re changing where you’re able to use your iPhone and they’re using SolidWorks and KeyShot to tell the story. Russell gave us a rundown of how they’re using KeyShot to make it all possible.

Steve and Russell of UK-based Okoqu Limited.
Steve Jones and Russell Beard of UK-based Okoqu Limited.

The original 3D software used to model the NUT was SolidWorks. We used Keyshot heavily throughout the development process to help marketing and trade buyers to understand the product before it was available. I would say it has significantly contributed to the success and reception of our product, above and beyond normal expectations. We have also used Keyshot extensively in helping potential customers understand how our product can be customised to suit their brand and colour scheme.

Keyshot has been an invaluable part of the success in getting the NUT to market. In fact, I would say that without it, we would have been seriously hindered in demonstrating the potential for the product before it actually existed. Even now – with the product a reality – we still use KeyShot renderings as a primary product marketing tool; it is cost effective, amazingly flexible and genuinely realistic. It has probably been the most significant player in our product development ‘mix’ and has definitely given us the best ‘bang for our buck’.

I have been a product design consultant for 15+ years (having worked at places like Seymourpowell in London, Kinneir Dufort in Bristol and Design+Industry in Sydney) so am very familiar with the variety of rendering output and relative costs. I now run my own product design consultancy – Square Banana Ltd. ( – and use Keyshot as a matter of course throughout the development process – not simply as a concept visualisation tool.

The NUT is available online from with free shipping globally! Retail cost is £34.99 (US $56.00). The current NUT is for the 3G and 3GS units, with the 4 version to follow in the coming months.

You can also follow Okoqu on Twitter and Facebook.

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