iCufflink Design from Adafruit, Rendered in KeyShot

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Your wrists. They’re lacking something. No, not the hair you burnt off over the weekend. It’s accessories. Your arms lack accessories… blinking, highly durable machined aluminum accessories. The iCufflink design from Adafruit is just that. It’s a new, open source electronic cufflink that pulsates like the power button on your favorite device. It’s simple, elegant and the product shots you’ve likely seen around are completely rendered in KeyShot, right down to the decal. Mike Doell of Ross + Doell Industrial Designs fills us in.

The whole thing took about ten minutes, with most of the time spent mapping the screen onto the Nano. (which was dead simple) I cant remember what its like to work without Keyshot.

There you have it folks. Dead Simple. The feature which stands out about the iCufflinks is that it’s completely open source. You can download all files, codes and schematics from Github and mod the cufflinks to your liking. You can even download the CAD files (STEP) and create a beautiful rendering to your liking. More visuals below.

iCufflinks by Adafruit from adafruit industries on Vimeo.

Image of the actual product with the light pulsing.

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Written By Josh Mings


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