See the Winners of the K Lamp Competition

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Back in March, we posed the question: How would you reimagine the K Lamp?

We partnered with Design Burger and Vitamin Living for our latest challenge: bring new life to the classic K Lamp while retaining its iconic identity.

Judges include the creators of the K Lamp and founders of Vitamin Living and V2 Studios Chris and Andy Vernall, Head of CMF at future mobility brand ‘P3’ Libby Meigh, and Shaun Wellens, Visualisation Lead at Arrival.

Upcycling, Elevated

“Giving a second life to upcycled denim textile to form the unique silhouette” explained Charles Birshaw.


Hoodie Life

“Being famous seems to be very tough,” says Katharina Staerck. “Visuals depicting the downsides of being a cute designer lamp.” (Is that a wanted poster in the background?)


Rockin’ Metal

“Say goodbye to ceramic modeling, and hello to starting with a flat sheet of metal!” –Elizaveta Egorova


Breaking The Mold

“Introducing the Recycled Paper K Lamp. The lamp’s body features shapes with molded edges, reminiscent of the hot press egg machine production line.” –Alessio Ramundo


Forged In Fire

“Wood-firing clay is the oldest way of manufacturing this timeless material. Traditional wood firing gives the objects a very distinctive look, while making each piece unique by exposing visual traces of the flames that have cured the clay in firing.” –Nordic Design Consulting


Uniquely Useful

“A cork top that doubles as a customizable bulletin board for your important notes and ideas, paired with a beautifully handcrafted, imperfect ceramic base that ensures no two lamps are alike.”


Puffed Perfection

“A padded material that has been seen a lot of recent fashion designs,” explains Mingwan Bae. “The pattern is arranged along the shape to create a sense of unity, and the contrasting two-tone colors emphasize the structure of the lamp.”07

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