Phillip Renato’s Mutation, A Jewelry Designer’s Take on Chair Design

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Creating inspirational awesomeness is just one application KeyShot has. As you’ll soon see, a well articulated narration and explanation of a design add a lot to that. While out at Siggraph 2013, we learned that Phil Renato presented Mutation at the Siggraph Dailies. Mutation is Phil’s chair design and Summer 2013 project. Phil is a designer. He’s also Associate Professor, Chair of the Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design Program at Kendall College of Art and Design. So why is a jewelry design prof designing a chair? Well, the video he put together for the presentation illustrates it perfectly with brilliant narration and the amazing mutations of his chair designs rendered using KeyShot.

Phillip Renato
Kendall College of Art and Design

If a necklace doesn’t work, you don’t wear it. If a chair doesn’t work your fat ass might end up on the ground.


What the hell do I know about furniture? I make shiny, wet, voluptuous, benippled, plastic jewelry. But I stupidly committed myself to designing a chair earlier this year – and I f***ing hate things that are made out of dead trees. Do my rough 3D models, half-assed animations or crude craft porn contribute to a meaningful seat, or just allow me to push off into the future the responsibility for getting it right? How does being unconstrained by the burden of scale, knowledge of subject, or willingness to do appropriate functional research before beginning affect my work?


Sketch, trace, model, morph, animate, review, repeat. Sketch, trace, model, morph, animate, review, repeat. This clip charts the first few weeks of play in the development of a commissioned chair I’m still working on for a museum exhibition called Chairmania. These skinned, wiry mutations multiply, fuse, step and repeat, occasionally relapsing into the original idea – stubbornly refusing to be amazing. Every day I pack my render queue with the latest mutant to visualize random, impractical materials while I teach classes and rant in endless meetings. I get feedback, dismiss it, and press on.

You can view more of Phil’s fabulous jewelry and design work on his Flickr page or his website and learn more about Kendall College of Art and Design here.

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