KeyShot and Yanko Design Announce Material Design Challenge Winners

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We’re thrilled to share with you the incredibly creative winning entries of the YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge. The three winners stood out amongst hundreds of entries for their photorealism, versatility, and potential to be used across various industries. Nacho Riesco, Colin Ginn and Shahin Fathi truly made the most of the KeyShot Material Graph.

Bronze Winner: Nacho Riesco

Nacho Riesco’s material combined a realistic wooden texture with a cracked gold leaf film on top. The worn edges and organic looking cracks stood out to the jury, and they also noted the material’s potential use across creative art and even fashion designs.  



Silver Winner: Colin Ginn

This unique parametric material grabbed the jury’s attention, and they especially appreciated the execution (see how he did it here).  “I am very impressed by just looking at Colin’s KeyShot node material setup,” jury member Janis Sne said. “Colin also made a great presentation, with a short animation of the texturing, that I highly appreciate. I think this designer really thought through everything, and you can feel this passion in each 3D image.” And if you can look past the deliciousness of the visuals, you can also see potential for adapting this cookie covering into a rocky, muddy ground material.    




Gold Winner: Shahin Fathi

Sheer creativity and impeccable execution nabbed Shahin Fathi, aka Predexign, the gold award. Shahin made the most of KeyShot 11’s textures, creating an easy-to-use material with plenty of potential uses: think bath and kitchen scenes with bubbly sinks, drinkware with beer or coffee froth, and any other outdoor water scene. 




Congrats again to all the winners and to the teams using KeyShot who do such inspiring work! These materials will be available soon on KeyShot Cloud. To see all the entries you can view the posts tagged #ydxkeyshot on Instagram. Stay tuned for more challenges and if you have ideas on one you would like to see, let us know in the comments!

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Written By Tara Cavanaugh

Tara is the Content Marketing Manager at KeyShot, where she works with the product marketing, branding, customer experience and reseller teams.


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