KeyShot 3. Like bringing a Kalashnikov to 9th century sword fight …and other user comments.

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Over the past several weeks, many KeyShot customers have been beta testing KeyShot 3, giving the new animation system a spin and helping fine-tune the improved user interface and material options. You’ll see more this week (hint-hint) about all the new features in KeyShot 3, but we wanted to take some time to feature a few of the KeyShot users and share some comments they had about their experience with KeyShot 3.

Dwayne Gavel – President / CubicArt Design Inc.

“As an independent design professional, I’m always looking for ways to add value for my clients. Product visualizations (w/ KeyShot) have become a major component of my deliverable package. The KeyShot interface and workflow is very intuitive and uncomplicated. The final results are always stunning! With KS3, the Luxion development team seems to have taken a huge leap forward. The UI has been further refined, part/sub-assembly manipulation is possible within the project, and there is more flexibility while assigning and editing materials. Finally, the newly introduced animation capabilities are a welcome addition. Again, the workflow is very straightforward, and I was creating basic product animations in no time! I look forward to enhanced animation features as the KS3 product continues to evolve!”

Josh Wright / Just Play, LLC

“If someone was describing Keyshot 3 to me for the first time, and the ease at which anyone can pick up and start animating 3D Models, I’d have tried to call their bluff. Having had the privilege to use it for the past couple of weeks, I can say without a doubt, Luxion is changing the game.”

Peter Kossev / Pixelmaths

“The animation package is so powerful and productive, it is like bringing a Kalashnikov to 9th century sword fight! The animation was so incredibly intuitive, we could do a ten seconds composition in the first 20 minutes and ship it to a client! And this included the rendering time! You guys changed the way we render, forever. And now you changed the way we animate, for good!”

Jeffrey Wilkins / Wood Stone Corp

“I have only been using KS3 beta for animation so that is all I can speak to. On this I would say Keyshot 3 with animation is a most welcome tool. The great single image rendering capabilities of Keyshot that I use for our product renderings can now be put in motion using both camera and part moves. Being able to pan zoom and rotate a model will greatly expand what I can offer our marketing department.”

Mike / MDPlastics

“It’s as simple as it was before but with animation. You put in your file, slap on some textures, put in some animations. You can have a nice looking scene in 10 minutes. And you can show even more of the design by animating it. Animation isn’t new, but it’s never been this easy”

Bruce Buck / SolidBox

“KeyShot 3 really steps it up by bringing stills and animation into one, unified package that is simple to understand, use, and get great results, without a lot of fuss. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to learn the system and get great results in such a short amount of time.”

Bill Gould / Gould Studios

“It’s been a privilege to participate in the KeyShot 3 beta tests, and I must say, the Luxion team has again proven their ground-breaking leadership in the rendering market arena. KeyShot 3 is revolutionary, not just evolutionary. It builds on the strong KeyShot 2 core capabilities, but extends that core into new areas of excellence, usability, and most important, a logical, simple and yet highly flexible and efficient work flow. I’m especially impressed with the newly added Animation, which will provide us with an exciting and valuable option for client, market and web presentations.”

Phil Renato – Associate Professor, Chair – KCAD /

“My first impression is that Keyshot 3 does for design animation what Keyshot 1 did for design rendering. The animation wizard and workflow is simple and intuitive – something that has eliminated complex keyframing and timeline issues and which enables the artist to focus on composition, timing, and movement from the very first time they use it.”

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