KeyShot 3.1: Mirror and Duplicate Your KeyShot Animations

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With KeyShot 3.0 we introduced the easiest to use animation system ever fathomed. It uses a simple timeline with animations applied to cameras or objects. No need for keyframes and no need for paths. Clean, simple. Now, with KeyShot 3.1 we’ve added a few more features that make working with the KeyShot animation timeline even faster.

Mirror and Duplicate Your KeyShot Animations

With KeyShot 3.1 you can now mirror and duplicate single animations, multiple selections of animations or animations you have organized into folders. It couldn’t be easier to do either. Simply select a single animation or multiple selection of animations, right-click and select duplicate or mirror. This will immediately create the corresponding animation on the timeline. It’s not linked to the animation you duplicated or mirrored, so you can adjust it without affecting the other animations.

And remember, you can adjust materials and camera views as the animation is playing. This goes the same for duplicating and mirroring animations. As you play the animation, duplicate and mirror animations or even move them between cameras and parts.

Interested in giving KeyShot Animation a try? You can download KeyShot or simply contact [email protected] to get all set up.

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Written By Josh Mings


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