Animation of the Week: Kobra Smartwatch Concept

by | Jun 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Our KeyShot ‘Animation of the Week’ is the Kobra Smartwatch concept by Sebas Gomez. Sebas is an automotive designer by trade, but he also shares a lot of product design renders and concepts outside of automotive. His latest, shared via the KeyShot forum, is a smartwatch concept that is, honestly, one of the most ingenious approaches to watch design in general, and smartwatch design in particular, that we have ever seen.

He calls it the Kobra. As Sebas describes it, “it’s a smartwatch that has the looks of an expensive watch,” but has a ‘sport mode’ where the watch expands to provide a better grip on your arm and a secondary screen with customizable info and display. He modeled the watch in Maya, rendering and animating it in KeyShot to communicate the style and beautiful functionality of the watch. Have a look.

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