Your Upgrade Is Ready: Check Out the Newest KeyShot Improvements and Feature Updates

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Someone once said that excellence isn’t a noun, it’s a verb. In the continual pursuit of excellence, we’re excited to bring you new quality and feature upgrades in KeyShot 2023.2. Check it out: 

Share the Full Picture: Introducing 360° Views in KeyShot Web Viewer

Working on a design and need to send it out for feedback? Skip the rendering time and send a link instead. With KeyShot Web, you can send a link to anyone (even non-KeyShot users). Optional password protection keeps your works in progress safe from prying eyes.  Plus, now you can take the interactive 360 degree images from KeyShotXR and share them in Web Viewer. This capability is only offered in KeyShot Web – be sure to check it out!

Paint More Realistically with 3D Paint

Tablet users, rejoice: 3D Paint now responds to pressure sensitivity, recognizing how hard the pen is pressed on the tablet’s surface. You can more naturally taper and fade lines and textures on your design. Pressure sensitivity can be activated in 3D Paint settings next to size, opacity or flow. (Please note: Pressure sensitivity is only available on pressure-sensitive tablets.) 

Amp Up Your Animations 

If you like creating animations in KeyShot, you’ll love the new Motion Blur updates, which provide a more intuitive way to get that motion blur effect. Simply use the new shutter speed slider to give your animation the perfect amount of blur. 

Ever struggled to make a complex camera animation? Worry no more: KeyShot 2023.2 provides a smoother Camera Keyframe solution that’s more predictable and easier to use. Learn how the new Keyframe Animations work.

Plus These Other Helpful Updates 

CMF Output: Utilize more customization options in the CMF Output, including paper size, font consistency, and improved table layout options 

Asset Lists Organization: If you have complex scenes, you can more easily navigate and locate assets. Select as many items as you need within your lists and drag and drop to reorder.  You can find asset lists available in Cameras, Environments, Image Styles, Render Layers, Studios and Sub-Materials.  

GPU & CPU Parity: Trust that materials will always look identical, no matter what rendering technique is used. Improvements in KeyShot 2023.2 ensure visual differences between CPU and GPU, and between Product Mode and Interior Mode, are as small as possible. 

What else is in 2023.2? See the full change log. 

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Written By Tara Cavanaugh

Tara is the Content Marketing Manager at KeyShot, where she works with the product marketing, branding, customer experience and reseller teams.


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