Why KeyShot is the Easiest 3D Rendering Program Ever.

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Perhaps the most common comment we receive from our users is that KeyShot is incredibly easy to use. But more than that, it’s easy to get great results. If you’re familiar with the KeyShot interface, you’ll know we take simplicity and ease-of-use seriously. Simple, minimal and maximum space for your model with the option of putting the materials library anywhere you want, even on another monitor. It all adds up to a way of creating 3D renderings that blow people away. Speaking of such things, here’s just a glimpse of what some KeyShot users create and what they have to say about their workflow.

Klaus Rosburg / Sonic Design
“When I was first introduced to KeyShot, I was instantly impressed with the ease of use, the lighting and realistic looking materials. What took me sometimes days before, I would set up and render in less than an hour.”

Vitaly Bulgarov / bulgarov.com
“The interface is probably the most user-friendly and easy to pick up I’ve seen for a rendering software. The other big thing to me is that if the mesh doesn’t have UV’s Keyshot will apply automatic UV’s which are most of the time are good to hold up tileable textures and bumpmaps.”

Mixer Design Group / mixergroup.com
“With KeyShot, renderings that used to take a day to set up and 15 hours to render can now be achieved in 10-15 minutes. The new guys don’t know how good they have it!”

Pip Tompkin / piptompkin.com
“Finally, producing quick, high quality renderings has become an invaluable tool in the studio allowing our design team to have richer, more articulate conversations around developing designs.”

And that’s just a few of the comments you’ll see. To see the massive list of people and companies using KeyShot, take a look at our customer page. You can always see more amazing shots in our Gallery. And, as always, if you would like to be featured there and here on the blog, just contact us. We would love to see what you do.

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Written By Josh Mings


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