Watch the Most Popular KeyShot Tutorials of 2022

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By far, one of the most common pieces of advice we hear from KeyShot artists is to never stop learning — great advice to take with you as you start 2023. 

So what was the KeyShot community most interested in learning the past year? We’ve gathered a list some of the most-watched YouTube tutorials in 2022. Here’s what you all were most itching to know:  

3D Paint Overview 

“OMG I’ve been waiting for this my whole life” is just one (sanitized) quote from the comments on this YouTube video. Our resident expert Karim takes you through the basics of this fun, highly-anticipated feature introduced last year in KeyShot 11.  

Ecommerce Excellence: Create Interactive 360° Product Visuals

If you’re selling online, you better have some amped-up images. Even better if they’re interactive. Learn how to create interactive 360° point-of-sale visuals for your ecommerce store or website with KeyShotXR.   

CMF (Colors, Materials & Finishes) Documentation Tool

“Holy moly this could save me so much time” — that’s a quote from one enthusiastic YouTube viewer, and pretty much any industrial or product designer who used to spend hours (or days!) manually cataloging color, material and finish data for manufacturing.  

Keyframe Animations

An easy-to-use animation feature allows you to capture your geometry’s position with sequences of animation along a timeline. Complex animations like these would take a lot of work, with tons of translation rotation animations. But now with keyframes, this is easier than ever to achieve. Brooke takes you through the process. 

How to Deliver AR with QR Codes

You can use this tool for communicating clearly with internal stakeholders, consumers, or development partners. Because sometimes it’s simpler to send AR exports through an easy-to-use QR code, allowing recipient to view your scene directly from their device. 

Check out even more helpful tutorials on the KeyShot YouTube channel.

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Written By Tara Cavanaugh

Tara is the Content Marketing Manager at KeyShot, where she works with the product marketing, branding, customer experience and reseller teams.


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