Technical Support Policies

  1. General Information

These Technical Support Policies regulate user assistance from KeyShot, Inc. provides to customers and resellers. Unless otherwise stated, these Technical Support Policies apply to technical support for all KeyShot products.

To receive technical support as provided by KeyShot Technical Support as described in these policies, all programs must be properly licensed.

These Technical Support Policies are subject to change at KeyShot’s discretion; however, policy changes will not result in a material reduction in the level of the services provided for supported programs during the support period (defined below) for which fees for technical support have been paid.

Software Updates & Support

Customers who have purchased KeyShot subscription as well as customers with active maintenance agreements will receive updates to KeyShot products, as well as technical support. These consist of:

  • Program updates, fixes, security alerts and critical patch updates
  • Major product and technology releases, if and when made available at KeyShot’s discretion, which may include general maintenance releases, selected functionality releases and documentation updates
  • Access to online support resources offered through the KeyShot Support Portal, including the ability to submit support tickets online, unless stated otherwise
  • Non-technical customer service during normal business hours
  • Software License, Updates & Support as described in this policy

All customers, regardless of maintenance agreement status, may access online support resources including FAQs, troubleshooting articles, product manuals and other support documentation posted on the KeyShot Support Portal and the KeyShot Knowledge Base.

Product Documentation and Technical Support

All products have accurate documentation that includes general product information, installation instructions (if applicable), updates and release notes, and other technical information regarding the use of the product, accessible on the KeyShot Support Portal. Please make sure to check product documentation before contacting KeyShot Technical Support.

The technical support team has the right to suggest you check related product documentation without opening a ticket request or without giving an exact answer during their communication if your question is related to general product information, installation, or FAQ.

Support Language

All product documentation is created in English.

The KeyShot technical support team handles support requests in English.

2. Support Terms

Support Period

Technical support is effective upon the effective date of either a maintenance or subscription agreement unless stated otherwise. Unless otherwise stated in the order, KeyShot technical support terms, including pricing, reflect a 12-month support period. KeyShot is not obligated to provide technical support beyond the end of the support period.

Unsupported Products

It may become necessary as a part of KeyShot’s product lifecycle to unsupport certain product releases, including any embedded third-party programs for which support has been retired by the manufacturer or vendor of such programs for which, in KeyShot’s good faith determination, it is no longer practicable for KeyShot to support, and therefore, KeyShot reserves that right.

Customers with unsupported products are not entitled to download or receive updates, maintenance releases, patches (including critical security patches), hotfixes, or any other technical support services. Customers with current subscriptions or maintenance plans will continue to have access to KeyShot’s technical support team. To resolve an issue, it may be necessary to upgrade to a newer version or product solution.

Currently supported KeyShot products and plugins may be found on the KeyShot website. When possible, KeyShot will provide up to six months’ notice before ending technical support for a product. This notice will appear on the KeyShot Support Forums. We encourage customers to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding KeyShot products.

Downloads and resources for unsupported KeyShot versions are available on the KeyShot website. Access to these unsupported versions and plugins are at your own risk and KeyShot is not responsible for any technical support (including problems you create) as a result of accessing these resources.

KeyShot reserves the right to change unsupported product information at our discretion and without notice.

First and Second Line Support

If you purchased KeyShot directly from KeyShot, you will contact KeyShot Technical Support for First Line Support. Support requests for KeyShot products must be submitted via the KeyShot Support Portal.

If you purchased KeyShot from a reseller, you must contact your reseller for First Line Support. If after reasonable efforts your reseller is unable to diagnose or resolve problems or issues for the supported programs, your reseller may contact KeyShot for Second Line Support.

First Line Support shall include but not be limited to inquiries concerning the performance, functionality, or operation of KeyShot-supported products, diagnosis of problems or issues, and resolution of those problems or issues. When interacting with First Line Support, you should be able to provide access to your serial number, repository files, log files, database extracts or other information required to provide Second Line Support.

KeyShot may review service requests logged by you or your reseller’s technical contacts and may recommend specific organization and process changes to assist with the above recommended standard practices.

3. Working with KeyShot Technical Support

Support Availability

KeyShot Technical Support is available on a 12/5 schedule, Monday-Friday from 4AM-4PM Pacific Time. KeyShot’s failure to adhere to the times stated, or providing support outside of the hours indicated, will not constitute a breach by KeyShot or a guarantee that technical support will be available on an ongoing basis outside the hours indicated.

Notice of holiday closures will be provided at least one week in advance on the KeyShot Support Forums. When resuming normal business hours, support queries will be answered in a first in, first out manner.

Contacting KeyShot Technical Support

Support requests for KeyShot products must be submitted via the KeyShot Support Portal.
If the support portal is unavailable, an email with detailed issue description may be sent to the KeyShot Technical Support team at, or to your account manager.

You may either file a ticket or use live chat (if available) to submit your question. Live chat aims to assist with simple technical questions that do not need complex troubleshooting. Live chat is available Monday through Friday, from 7AM Pacific Time until 4PM Pacific Time, however, KeyShot’s failure to adhere to the times stated, or providing support outside of the hours indicated, will not constitute a breach by KeyShot or a guarantee that live chat will be available on an ongoing basis outside the hours indicated.

For prompt service, please file a support ticket instead of emailing This will provide the quickest response.

Requests Covered by Technical Support

Service requests for supported KeyShot products may be submitted via the KeyShot Support Portal. You may either file a ticket or use live chat (if available) to submit your question.

KeyShot Technical Support will assist with the following issues:

  • General support
  • Information on product updates
  • Installation instructions
  • Minor debugging
  • Ticket status update
  • Plug-in general information, set-up instructions and best practices
  • Bug reports
  • Complex issues that require more extensive troubleshooting

KeyShot Technical Support will not assist with the following issues:

  • Product installation
  • Implementing program updates or fixes
  • Hosting, server and network configuration issues, including VPN configuration
  • System or program customization
  • Scene debugging
  • Making any changes to your website
  • Implementation of third-party scripts or extensions
  • Issues with or caused by third-party extensions
  • Hardware-related issues

KeyShot Technical Support may review patterns of support tickets logged by your organization and may recommend specific training to help prevent such tickets.

4. Technical Support Priority Definitions

For support requests, KeyShot will use reasonable efforts to respond to service requests submitted during normal business hours per the Response Time Goals set forth in the guidelines below; however, KeyShot’s failure to adhere to the times stated will not constitute a breach by KeyShot. These guidelines are for informational purposes only and subject to change at KeyShot’s discretion.


Priority Level
Response Time
Goal Update of Resolution
Critical – software down
2 hours
Same Day
High – serious business impact
4 hours
48 hours
Medium – moderate business impact
12 hours
2-5 days
Low – limited business impact
48 hours
TBD based on priority


Priority Definitions

Support tickets for supported KeyShot products may be submitted via the KeyShot Support Portal. The technical support priority level is selected by you (although KeyShot reserves the right to change the priority after reviewing your case) and should be based on the priority definitions specified below.

Priority – Critical

Your production use of the supported programs has stopped or is so severely impacted that you cannot reasonably continue work. You experience a complete loss of service. The operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency.

A critical priority support ticket has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A critical documented function is not available or not responding
  • System hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response
  • System crashes, and crashes repeatedly after restart attempts

Reasonable efforts will be made to respond to critical priority service requests within two (2) hours. You are requested to choose this priority classification with great care, so that valid critical priority situations obtain the necessary resource allocation from KeyShot.

Priority – High

You experience a severe loss of service. Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

Priority – Medium

You experience a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality, may affect certain features or application response times.

Priority – Low

You request information, an enhancement, or documentation clarification regarding your software but there is no impact on the operation of the software. You experience no loss of service. The result does not impede normal business operations.

KeyShot may review patterns of support tickets logged by your organization to identify misuse and reserves the right to recommend training or take other action necessary to address consistent selection of incorrect support priority levels.

5. Customer Support Data Protection Practices

To the extent you provide personal information to KeyShot as part of KeyShot’s provision of technical support services, we will comply with the KeyShot Privacy Policy.

Please note that technical support services are not designed to accommodate special security or privacy controls that may be required to store or process certain types of sensitive data.

Please ensure you do not submit any sensitive data that requires specific security and privacy controls.

6. Contact Information

Phone numbers and contact information can be found on the KeyShot Website.