Maingear Announces PRO WS Workstations for KeyShot

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Today, MAINGEAR, high performance custom PC builder and Luxion hardware partner, has announce the new PRO WS Workstation. The desktop workstation is built for the 3D professionals who does everything from simple 3D modeling to advanced 3D animation. Best of all, the PRO WS is specifically designed and optimized with options for users of KeyShot to achieve the highest performance for their 3D modeling to 3D rendering and animation pipeline.

AMD or Intel builds are available with options including:

  • Up to 64 Cores/128 Threads
  • Up to 4x GPUs
  • Up to 256BG Memory
  • Up to 72TB Storage
  • Air or Liquid Cooling

Custom configurations with AMD options start at $1999 with Intel options starting at $2233.

Learn More About MAINGEAR and KeyShot

MAINGEAR is a Luxion hardware partner. Luxion uses and recommends MAINGEAR workstations for high-performance 3D rendering and animation needs.

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