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So excited. Today, we’re pleased to announce KeyShot 3.2. Over the last two months we’ve boosted the render juice, cranked the core usage and doubled the coffee intake to unacceptable proportions. The focus of this update is feature completion, UI cleanup, and stability. We’ve packed a lot into KeyShot 3. The 3.2 updates add updates to help improve and speed up new features and existing features with a few small additions to expand the ever increasing formats we support. Here is a list of the major improvements you’ll see in this update.

KeyShot 3.2 Updates

The new Material Templates now support the mapping of part names and wild cards to speed the process of material assignments on import.

You’re going to love this. KeyShot 3.2 now support instant loading of materials, textures and environments. That alone is a huge improvement in the time it takes to find and apply materials. Material Templates can now be applied after a model has been imported while applying materials to the 3D model on import becomes even faster with the support of part names and wild cards. Additionally, the UNDO capabilities have been greatly increased with a completely re-worked UNDO stack that provides the option to UNDO nearly every command.

  • Improved material templates – support for parts and materials as template items, plus wild card support (*.*)
  • Instant loading of library – no longer do you have to sit and wait, even if you have thousands of materials in your library (same goes for environments, backplates, textures, renderings
  • Completely re-worked UNDO stack – UNDO pretty much everything.
  • Support for scale and transformations (remembered on all levels in the model)
  • Support for “unlimited” decimal places
  • Cylindrical texture mapping improvements
  • Use the arrow keys to move around in the scene tree, through the camera list etc.
  • Expand all / Collapse all options for scene tree
  • Sync of realtime and advanced render settings in render dialog (raybounces, shadow quality)
  • New camera “unsaved” state
  • Increase of maximum raybounces in realtime settings to 64.
  • UI cleanup and performance improvements throughout the system
  • Improvements to SolidWorks importer (faster, more robust)
  • Improvements to ALIAS importer (Import by layer AND shader)
  • Support for Creo 2.0
  • Support for Autodesk ALIAS 2013
  • Support for Autodesk Maya 2013
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Spanish language support (UI only)

You can try KeyShot 3.2 or download an update.

Updated plugins
Independent of KeyShot 3.2 but also being released today are updated plugins for Creo, Rhino and SolidWorks. Updates include improved import and bug fixes. You can download all KeyShot plugins here.

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