Follow the Process of Vitaly Bulgarov in this Amazing Timelapse

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I know you’ve seen the masterful modeling and rendering of Vitaly Bulgarov in a previous post where we featured his 10 days of Mechs. He has followed up with an additional model that introduces the aesthetics of gun turrets and… sloths? Yes, sloths. While we would love to see an entire tutorial on his rendering process, he has provided a timelapse that takes you through the steps he used to create the images you see here, all within a single day.


Vitaly’s Sloth Robot KeyShot Timelapse

At first glance, you may think this is a fixed weapon, attached to some ceiling girders. It is, in fact, a four-legged, motion-tracking, laser-sighted robot that is apparently capable of leaping between floor and ceiling… nothing frightening about that 🙂

“[This is an] idea for a sentinel robot that could be operating either indoor within industrial buildings i.e. warehouses and factories or in outdoor locations using trees or man-made constructions. I was inspired to make this one after watching videos about gyro-stabilized marksman platform Talon, camera stabilizer Movi and a video of a sloth falling out of a tree.”

As you’ll see in the video below, Vitaly’s creativity is unmatched only by his eye for detail. The first part is the modeling, speed up 250%, and includes use of his kitbash library to speed up the modeling process. The KeyShot rendering picks up around the 2:00 hour mark, with Vitaly going through the process of hiding/showing objects, applying materials and labels, then setting some effects. It’s a pleasure to see and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.




Source: Vitaly Bulgarov

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