Check it, Check it Out Y’all. KeyShot Booth at PlanetPTC.

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As you know, the KeyShot crew is out in Las Vegas, at PlanetPTC , partying sitting in a booth and showing all that KeyShot can do. We have a few photos to capture the joys of manning a booth all day, half a mile from the nearest bathroom or food machine. These guys are hardcore. And this is where they’ll be living for the next three days. Warning! Mildly intense images of KeyShot being demoed ahead.

If you’re at PlanetPTC, come see us at booth #520. We’ve got prizes, giveaways and a glimpse at what’s to come in KeyShot 3.0!

Ya see that logo down there at the bottom. Gold Partner, baby.

The crew, in their blacks, getting ready to set up.

All set up and ready to show the PlanetPTC attendees what awesome rendering is all about.

Throwing down the demo gauntlet and mesmerizing the onlookers with pure rendering bliss.

How do you handle a swarm of people interested in photorealistic rendering technology? Like THIS.

Garrett reinforcing that KeyShot is the easiest rendering system to use.

Attendees showing off thier skills to win a Ultimate One iPod Nano Wristwatch.

Jeff's job is easy. He shows people what KeyShot does. Here he is in action.

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Written By Josh Mings


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