cetoni GmbH Amazes Customers and Users with Appealing 3D Visuals

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cetoni GmbH is a mid-size company with approximately 30 people located in the Eastern part of Germany. The technological focus of the company is on the development and manufacturing of highly innovative and high-¬quality products in the area of laboratory automation. cetoni GmbH develops the entire product in house -¬ from the initial idea to the final product. The product development reaches from concept design and mechanical construction, electronic development, software development to the final production development of the devices.

About Uwe Kindler

I’m a software developer at cetoni, responsible for the software of our devices. I am also supporting our internet presence. As part of the work on our home page, I have been looking for possibilities to develop professional images myself. In the past, we have only used actual photographs taken ourselves. At cetoni GmbH, mechanical engineers are using Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks for all CAD development. We then use KeyShot for all digital images.

Using KeyShot

We are KeyShot (HyperShot) users from the very beginning. We started using KeyShot in July of 2007. Keyshot has since become an irreplaceble part in many areas. We use KeyShot for the communication of design studies internally and with customers, image creation for our web pages and marketing brochures, as well as for image creation for our manuals and data sheets.

Advantages of KeyShot

A significant advantage of KeyShot is the speed with which we can devleop new, high-quality and professional looking imagery. When, for example, our marketing department request images for a flyer at a trade show or a customer presentation, we can usually provide these the same day. The speed is also extremely important in the development of our products. We innovate a lot, very fast and very quickly. The permanent changes and improvements of products requires a constant stream of new imagery in order to keep our internet presence as well as our marketing materials up to date.

Another significant advantage of KeyShot when compared to traditional rendering applications is the fact that marketing material and product images can be produced prior to the development of a prototype or an actual manufactured part. This is extremely important when we need to introduce new products at tradeshows or events. In general, new products won’t be ready until right before the actual event. Thanks to KeyShot, the creation of flyers any additional images can be generated directly from the CAD model, without any pressure.

The impact of KeyShot on the process from design to marketing

Even during the design phase inside the CAD software, our engineers pay attention to the fact that even very small details or standard parts are being modeled accurately in order to obtain the best images of the device. In the development of our own products, KeyShot leads to the fact that our teams start thinking about product design much sooner and much more intensively, which is somewhat unusual for a company our size.

Our marketing department can now start much sooner with the introduction and marketing of new products. From the very beginning, the marketing team has access to professional images. We have received feedback from customers and visitors at tradeshows that our product data sheets as well as our instructions and marketing materials are of level of quality that can not be found amongst our competitors, and is also unexpected from a company of our size.

Time and Cost Savings

Since we have used KeyShot since 2007, it makes it somewhat hard to determine the exact amount of how many days and how much cost we have saved. More important than cost savings for us is the fact that KeyShot lifted the representation of all of our materials for customers, users, and prospects to a graphically appealing and, overall, more professional level which can usually only be found in much larger companies with a much larger marketing budget.

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