B9Creator Kickstarter Project Visualized with KeyShot

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Michael Joyce has just launched a Kickstarter project for his B9Creator, a high resolution 3D printer, that, if funded successfully, will provide the ability of creating hi-def 3D prints. Michael shared the unique features of this printer and how he used KeyShot to help visualize the product variations.

B9 Creator on Kickstarter with KeyShot

Michael used Alibre Design Expert to model the printer, and if you watch the Kickstarter video, you’ll see how he was able to test the product inside the software, giving an example of how it’s built and how it functions.

This is a “DLP” projector that cures a layer of photo initiated resin. The part is built inverted and raised out of the resin vat. The build area is about 3″ x 4″ x 8″ with a 100 micron voxel resolution, can be adjusted to 1.5″ x 2″ x 8″ build area for 50 micron voxels. The B9 builds about 1″ per hour.

“Keyshot makes my ideas ‘real’. This is a critical key to enabling the success of a crowd funded project like ours.”

The complete B9Creator 3D Printer kit is priced at $2,375 and can be put together in an afternoon. Mike provided some images of the renderings he created with KeyShot showing how he was able to create photorealistic illustrations of all the different color variations that will be available.

As of May 10th, the B9Creator project is completely funded meeting and exceeding the $50,000 goal! Congrats Mike!!

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