Webb deVlam is a highly successful, rapidly growing, award-winning agency with studios around the world. They’ve defined and re-defined brands, products and the culture that surrounds them, relating the impact a product has in the life of a person, a family, a world through the visuals which bring the story together. They use KeyShot throughout their collaborative development process and give us insight to what they do so well and how KeyShot helps.

Webb deVlam

Modeling software used: SolidWorks
Website: webbdevlam.com/

webb-devlam-logoExplain design from the origin of how Webb deVlam’s approaches brand design?
Industrial design is a part of Webb deVlam’s roots. Since Webb deVlam’s founding in London over 20 years ago, we have always seen the potential for ID to create a connection with consumers. For us that means that industrial design is part of a holistic solution that delivers meaningful brand experiences.

What is the primary 3d modeling software at Webb deVlam?
Although our designers come from a variety of backgrounds, we find that the flexibility that SolidWorks provides is best suited for our way of working. This also allows to work very quickly between CAD and rendering, which is critical.

KeyShot allows us to move very quickly from CAD to visuals.”

What’s unique about the design process at Webb deVlam?
We take a truly holistic approach to delivering strategic brand design. This means that our strategists, brand designers and industrial designers are all engaged throughout the process. Because we view our people as strategic creatives and creative strategists, everyone is empowered to collaborate to deliver great design work.

webb-devlam-keyshot-07-tnWhat are some of the projects KeyShot has been used on?
KeyShot has helped us communicate the value of design on small start-ups such as Dave’s Shave, as well as big brands such as Motorola, Olay and Sauza. In particular, KeyShot was crucial to the success of our recent redesign of Sauza Blue tequila. The software enabled the team to blend the many elements of the Sauza brand story into a cohesive design. KeyShot allowed our client to experience the elegance of the design in sharp, crisp detail, by capturing every finish and facet of the sleek bottle and the minute details of the heritage elements in the branding.

How has KeyShot helped save time, money and/or improve quality?
KeyShot allows us to move very quickly from CAD to visuals. This has helped us spend time on getting the “why” behind the design right, while also creating impactful visuals.

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing what you do?
Proactively work with people in other disciplines. The variety of points of view help make a well-rounded designer who can not only create beautiful design work, but build meaning for consumers and create value for businesses.