Winners of the KeyShot 2013 Halloween Render Challenge

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What a great contest! We’ve wrapped up the render challenge and even though there was only two weeks to submit an entry, you did not disappoint! We have Jack-o’-lanterns, demons, skeletons, monsters and more to put the fright in you. Two people walked away with the top prize for best render and best animation, and still others with an honorable mention. A big thank you to everyone who entered and a big congrats to all the winners! Without further ado, here are the winning submissions!


Winner: Andre Rossetto / Jack-O-Lantern – KeyShot Pro, 3D print from Shapeways, 1-year subscription from 3D World Magazine
Jack o’ lantern – Andre Rossetto created a great character with an interesting composition, lots of detail, texture work and creativity put into this.

Creatures of the night – Whitewolf’s entries were both crazy good, tons of detail and gave us a look at the before and after.

Hoodie – Andy Jones never dissapoints and the creature is a cool as they come. Great detail and easy to see a story behond this one.

Mmmm… Yummy – Threiz’s detail is intense. Lot of work, cool composition and creature. great to see the progression from model to render.

Creepy doll – Fabulous creepyness from Al Baldi. Beautiful and just plain creepy.

Death – La Catrina – Very cool to see the progression in this and the final results that turned out stunning.

Birth of evil – With lots of maggot work up front through to the final renders, this ended with pure mouthful of evil and cringes all around.

Gothic Venus – A very cool idea from Alberto Defra. A different approach using surfaces and lighting to capture the shot and the story.

Nosferatu – Dracula in a sports jackets might never look more sport and sscary all at once. Great face work and final render by Tobias Jacobson.


Winner: Abed Sabeh – The Skulls – KeyShot Pro + Animation, 3D Print from Shapeways, 1-year subscription from 3D World Magazine
The SkullsVideo link – Simply amazing work from Abed Sabeh, from modeling, composition, creepiness and score, Abed delivers in this complex animation.

Creepy dollvideo link – A turnatable of the creepy doll render above that gives you a taste of the model and render set-up. The eyes seem to follow you.

MedusaVideo link – (Warning: NSFW) Don’t look in her eyes – don’t worry, you won’t.

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