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Today, we are very excited to release KeyShot 5. We’ve taken a look at how a lot of people use KeyShot and with this version, introducing a completely revamped user interface with comprehensive updates to existing features and new tools to speed up your rendering and animation workflow. The interface is even more simple, providing faster ways to move through each step. We’ve focused on four main areas adding a lot of great enhancmeents, but without a doubt, we are most excited about the KeyShot Cloud. Through the KeyShot Cloud, you are now able to find the best materials, environments and textures created by users in the KeyShot community. You can also share assets you have created, keep track of your favorites and access from within KeyShot or on the web.

“The speed increase from KeyShot 4 to KeyShot 5 allows MakerBot to create beautiful scenes featuring multiple high part-count assemblies without bringing our computers to a crawl. KeyShot has become an integral part of our design and marketing collateral process. With KeyShot 5’s speed increase and new tools, our daily workflow is not only faster but also more flexible.”

Jackson Seidenberg – MakerBot Industries

What’s New in KeyShot 5

You can see all the new features on the What’s New page. You can download the What’s New Guide to see all the new features and get details on how each one works. Here are the highlights of the new features in KeyShot 5.

KeyShot Cloud
Share and download your most loved KeyShot resources. The KeyShot Cloud is the online library where you can download new resources, and share your own custom assets. Opening the KeyShot Cloud enables easy drag-and-drop downloading of new resources into your local KeyShot Library, and quick search features and filters to find the perfect resources for your scene.

Duplicate parts in KeyShot and on Import without increasing file size. Instancing of parts is available within KeyShot as a Pattern tool and completely automated in select KeyShot plugins. All instances can be treated separately for quick appearance studies or linked to apply materials quickly, but will all update when LiveLinking or update geometry is used.

Fade Animation
Quickly apply an animation that fades parts from one opacity level to another. Adjust opacity of parts and groups on-the-fly and see it update in real-time as animations are built.

NURBS Ray-tracing (Pro)
NURBS data import from your favorite modeling system delivers accurate geometry with smoother edges. NURBS ray-tracing allows the rendering of imported NURBS data within KeyShot. The advantage is crisper visuals and smaller file sizes over data imported as triangle that can display edges and gaps on close detail shots. NURBS import is currently available for Creo, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, NX, STEP, IGES, Parasolid and ALIAS.

Sun & Sky System (Pro)
A new Sun & Sky system for automatic creation of physically accurate geographic lighting. Preset resolutions and locations together with day selection, time and turbidity sliders allow the creation of unlimited daylight scenarios.

There’s a lot to this release, so be sure to visit the What’s New page to see the complete list of features and download the KeyShot 5 What’s New Guide.

If you haven’t tried KeyShot, now is a great time. Download a free trial here. We hope you enjoy all the new features in the new version of KeyShot. We’re definitely looking forward to your feedback and seeing all the visuals you create.

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