What’s New in KeyShot 5

KeyShot 5 brings new features to the fastest 3D rendering and animation system available. With new ways to discover and share resources through the KeyShot Cloud, create product variations through Instancing, captivate with new animation tools or apply accurate Sun & Sky lighting to imported NURBS geometry, KeyShot is your key to creating amazing shots.

KeyShot 5.1 Highlights

Pattern Updates

Patterns have been completely updated with KeyShot adding the ability to Edit Patterns, set Scattering and automatically adjust the camera and the pattern is created.


Sørensen Leather

Exclusive access to the full line of Sørensen Leather materials through KeyShot Cloud, allowing colors and textures to be matched exactly with the hides.


Advanced Procedurals

Six new KeyShot Procedural Textures are available in KeyShot, including Brushed (3D), Camouflage (3D), Lattice Circular (2D), Lattice Polygon (2D), Spots (3D) and Wood Adv. (3D).


Retina Support

KeyShot runs natively on Mac OS X and now comes with Retina Display support for all Apple displays, including Macbook Pro laptops and iMac 5k displays.


Render Cameras

Create multiple camera views and environment Viewsets in KeyShot, then add all saved Cameras and Viewsets to the Render Queue in a single click.


New 3D Format Support

KeyShot now supports PTC Creo 3.0 with an updated plugin and delivers new import capabilities for Maxon’s CINEMA 4D file format including import of part and camera animations.


KeyShot 5.0 Highlights

KeyShot Cloud

With KeyShot 5 we introduce an all new material and content share site directly accessible from inside KeyShot providing the ability to find KeyShot resources and share yours resources with others.

KeyShot 5 KeyShot Cloud


A new favorites tab allows you to save collections of your favorite materials, environments and other resources.

KeyShot 5 Favorites

Welcome Screen

A new way to access your most recent projects quickly at start-up gets you into the scene and rendering faster.

KeyShot 5 Welcome Screen


Quickly toggle between your most common preferences, change your perspective or switch between cameras.

KeyShot 5 Ribbon

Material Display

The display of all materials has been updated to more accurately show texture, opacity, shadows, refraction and reflection.

KeyShot 5 Material Display


Duplicate parts in KeyShot and on Import without increasing file size. Instancing of parts is available within KeyShot as a Pattern tool and completely automated in select KeyShot plugins.



More procedurals to perfect the appearance of your parts have been added to KeyShot, including Brushed, Cellular and Color Gradient.

KeyShot 5 Procedurals

Retain Textures

Change materials while retaining all your textures and labels when assigning materials from the library to any part inside your KeyShot scene.

KeyShot 5 Textures

Image Editor

Adjust the look of your image as it renders. New image editing options allow you to edit the Exposure, Color and add Effects while your image renders.

KeyShot 5 Image Editor


Achieve results even quicker with accurate materials and lighting optimized to deliver rendered images of large models up to 125% faster.

KeyShot 5 Performance

Fade Animation

Quickly apply an animation that fades parts in and out from one opacity level to another. Adjust opacity of parts and groups on-the-fly and see it update in real-time as animations are built.


Motion Blur

KeyShot Motion blur provides a real-time preview of motion applied to models where movement is blurred.

KeyShot 5 Motion Blur


A new Animation Properties pane is located in the animation timeline when an animation is selected.

KeyShot 5 Animation Properties


KeyShot Animation users can now add camera switch events to change cameras on the animation timeline.

KeyShot 5 Animation Events

NURBS Ray-tracing

NURBS data import from your favorite modeling system delivers accurate geometry with smoother edges.

KeyShot 5 NURBS Ray-tracing

Sun & Sky System

A new Sun & Sky system for automatic creation of physically accurate geographic lighting with preset locations.

KeyShot 5 Sun & Sky

Match Perspective

Real-time perspective matching that takes all the guesswork out of matching models to a backplate.

KeyShot 5 Match Perspective

HDRI Editor

The KeyShot HDRI Editor now features more ways to adjust the HDRI and lighting options all in real-time.

KeyShot 5 HDR Editor

Scene sets

Scene Sets give you the ability to have access to all design iterations and camera views in a single file.

KeyShot 5 Scene Sets

ZPR/STL Output

Support for the most common 3D printer input files. With the ability to output both STL and ZPR from KeyShot.

KeyShot 5 STL-ZPR Output

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