KeyShot 4.2 introduces the ability to create groups in the Project Scene tree. You may create new groups, drag and drop parts and subassemblies into existing groups and move parts between one group and another.

Model: Guangnan Wei / Fusion 360

Set core usage

KeyShot now comes with the ability to set priority on the amount of cores used by KeyShot. Since KeyShot is fully CPU-based and utilizes 100% of all available cores, this ensures you are able to have access to more CPU power in other programs while KeyShot is rendering.

Model: Kaajo / Turbosquid

Material swap

You can now swap materials between selected parts without having to change the material for each part. Swapping materials may be done by selecting parts or by dropping materials from the library onto existing materials in the scene.

Model: iljujjkin / Turbosquid

Scene revisions

KeyShot now offers the ability to save revisions of a scene. When you save a scene, rather than overwriting each scene with the latest settings, you can now save revisions of the same scene which can then be accessed later from within KeyShot.

Mic – Mike Zhang / Fusion 360
HD – johnnynetcat / Turbosquid

Realtime presets

There are now more presets available for the realtime viewer. Through the Project, Setting tab under resolutions, the presets of actual aspect ratios found in print and digital media are available as a single-click setting that can be locked to ensure proper resolution.

Printer – iljujjkin / Turbosquid
Toy guns – val2 /
iMac – Robert Voogt / GrabCAD

Procedural textures

Procedural texture options are available for any material when you apply a texture to an object. Six preset procedural materials allow you to immediately apply a seamless texture to any surface providing maximum flexibility in creating accurate appearances and custom materials.
With these textures, you have the options to scale, adjust bump height and sync with other textures. The six presets include Granite, Leather, Marble, Noise (Texture), Noise (Fractal) and Wood with additional procedural textures coming to future releases.

Focused caustics

The new Focused Caustics feature allows KeyShot users to accurately display the rays of light that reflect or pass through transparent or translucent surfaces. Users have the ability to toggle Focused Caustics in the render scene settings.
This features extends the level of realism available to 3D professionals with the ability to see how the caustic patterns fall across the objects and surfaces in realtime, within seconds, allowing you to quickly evaluate the lighting and composition of your scene.

Toon shading

The non-photorealistic (NPR) toon shader is a new material type that allows you to apply solid colors, solid shading and contours to your objects for a flat, cel shading appearance allowing you to create and deliver concepts or create high resolution technical illustrations. You can apply this material from the material type selection box.
With it, you have options to adjust material color along with contour color, angle, width, quality and more advanced options to adjust contours and shadows. Since it is a material rather than a render mode, the toon material can be used in combination with any other material for still images, animations and KeyShotVR.

Color management

A new Color Management setting has been added to the KeyShot Preferences with this release as well. Color Management allows the matching and control of color representations across various devices. In the Color Management settings, you now have the ability to enable Color Management, selecting an ICC profile (.icc or .icm) available from various software and hardware manufacturers.

iBook support

New iBook support for KeyShotVR is now available allowing the creation of an iBooks widget with the use of iBooks Author. From the KeyShotVR render options, simply select the option to create an iBooks widget. KeyShot will automatically generate the code for you to use.

GrabCAD integration

You have the ability to both open models with KeyShot from GrabCAD and publish images and scenes to GrabCAD from KeyShot. The bi-directional integration brings a new level of collaboration to the engineer and designer with faster visual development and sharing of product concepts. Open your model from your GrabCAD Workbench directly in KeyShot, create your rendering and publish your images to GrabCAD. Learn more here.

Live Linking

Live linking allows seamless model updates between the modeling software and KeyShot without having to reassign materials or update settings. Transfer your design directly from PTC Creo, SolidWorks, or Rhino to KeyShot.
Assign materials and animations. Continue modeling. Click “Update” and push over the changes to KeyShot. All changed parts will be replaced and updated while maintaining all materials and animations.

Physical lights

Beautiful physical lighting created with the power of Luxion’s lighting technology. In addition to the accurate environment lighting you already have in KeyShot, KeyShot 4 introduces physically correct lights that turn any geometry into a local light source. It’s a completely different approach from traditional rendering applications.
Simply apply a light source to any objects you like. Import new geometry or use existing geometry as a light source. Move. Control. Animate. It’s local lighting done right, adding greater flexibility to your workflow by allowing you to easily control multiple, identical light sources simultaneously. All without forcing you to import and place additional objects in the scene.
Image: Tim Feher

Pantone® and RAL® colors

Choosing the perfect color has never been easier. Now, the entire Pantone® and RAL® color systems come to KeyShot helping you communicate color to designer, manufacturer, retailer and customer. Search by color, number or with the color picker. Drag and drop colors onto your objects completely independent of the material. Even add your own colors with a click of the mouse or the import of a file.

Model: Balajith / Grabcad

MOLD-TECH® textures

More options for textures never hurt. In another first for the CGI industry, Luxion becomes the exclusive source for accurate representations of MOLD-TECH® textures inside a rendering application. With a large number of textures and all the options to refine your appearance, KeyShot brings a level of realism to your visuals that can’t be matched.

Learn more →

Model: Onur Aytekin / Grabcad

Rounded edges

Avoid the time involved in adding small fillets and radii to the edges and corners of your 3D geometry. KeyShot can do it all for you. Control the size of the rounds to complement the lighting. The effect is completely visual, with no addition to file size or rendering time. It’s just one more way KeyShot speeds up the visual creation process.

Model: Benjamin Garson / Grabcad

Translucent Material Enhancements

The improved translucent material in KeyShot 4 delivers more accurate subsurface scattering. With support for specular maps, caustic illumination and scientifically correct interaction with physical lights, KeyShot translucent materials are being called the best in the industry.

Model: Onur Aytekin / Grabcad

View and model sets (Pro)

When you need to quickly toggle through different iterations of a model or manage your entire photo shoot from a single file, KeyShot Model and View sets make it simple. Duplicate existing models or import new models.
Save all environment settings with your camera. Toggle quickly through each with keyboard shortcuts. It’s the digital photo shoot redefined with the ease of KeyShot.
Model: Brian T. Acton / Grabcad

HDR Light Editor Improvements (Pro)

Editing your Environment in realtime just got better. KeyShot 4 introduces the ability to tilt and blur your environment and add pins with a simple click on the model in the realtime window. Create your own HDRI’s or modify an existing HDRI by editing the pins that have been placed in the scene.

Model: KFZ-Schule / Grabcad

Render passes (Pro)

KeyShot 4 introduces new rendering options to aid in post production as well. Quickly render out a Depth, Normal or Clown pass along with the full resolution rendering. The Render layer option allows you to easily assign parts to a layer to be rendered out separately.

Model: Jan Elg / Grabcad

Stereoscopic viewing (Pro)

Run KeyShot in stereo-mode and view your models in 3D right on your screen. KeyShot extends the visual experience with support for stereo capability allowing you to work on your renderings and animations or present them to others in a virtual 3D setting.

Shoe: Alfredo Gallozzi – Glasses: Eric / Grabcad

Improved import

Importing your geometry. It’s the most basic requirement and KeyShot brings in more options to import accurate data and keep that data updated throughout your workflow. Choose to keep the original size of the model or to update the model with a click of a button, while maintaining all materials and animations.

Ruler: john – ring: tecnojoyas / Grabcad
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