Sprout Viz Using KeyShot for ID-Led Visual Content Creation

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Sprout Studios has announced their latest business venture building on their expertise in product design and visualization. Sprout Viz is a new Industrial Design-led visual content creation studio using KeyShot to deliver high resolution, photorealistic, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and animations.

In the works since prior to events that shifted the work week to a home office, the affect of a global pandemic helped to accelerate the launch to support the increase in demand for visual content.

“We have seen an explosion in CGI-related projects,” says Jordan Nollman, CEO of Sprout Viz. “To cater to this growing demand, we analyzed the trends, built a state-of-the-art render farm and data center, and stacked our team with world-class talent.”


The Sprout Viz team is led by Head of Visualization, Jack O’Farrell, who is instilling an ethos of creating product visuals that tell a company’s story in ways that equip its brands to excel in our digital future.

“There’s a real shift in favor of digital visualization underway,” said O’Farrell. “It’s exciting to provide services that help our clients acclimate to this shift. Virtual photoshoots give us endless possibilities, including the opportunity to place someone’s product in an unimaginable scene.”

The Sprout Viz site features various case studies that take a deeper look at how they work with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 brands. Their client list features Staples, K&N, Seagate, Honda, Keurig, and many others.

For K&N, the Sprout Viz team helped to deliver a vast library of images for Amazon marketplace from packaging to exploded view product renderings, 360 degree interactive visuals and more. With KeyShot they were able to create high-end visuals for over 500 SKUs and over 2600 images with batch processing through KeyShot’s material setup and Python scripting capability. The result allowed them to deliver a variety of images including hero shots, pack shots, exploded views, material cutaways, and in-context images.


You can learn more about Sprout Viz here and see what Sprout Studios is up to on their site and social.

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