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Happy Pi day! We’re not beyond geeking out about numbers on the calendar and today, well, it’s March 14th. In the United States, that equates to 3.14. Forget the year digits and you’ve got the first three numbers of the famously irrational number, π. On top of that, we’re publishing this at 1:59. Yeah, you know what’s up. We’ll forget date and time formats for a bit, because we have something cool to share with you in honor of all things mathematically multi-dimensional–a special KeyShot fractal Material Type (aka shader) you can download, customize and share with your equally geeky friends.

KeyShot Fractal Shader

Now, you could celebrate Pi day by watching the movie Pi, memorizing a million digits of Pi or you could just download the KeyShot Pi day fractal. This version for KeyShot created Luxion’s Chief Scientist, Henrik Wann Jensen, is based on the Julia set of Complex Dynamics and uses Quaternions, which means the Julia Set lives in 4D (even though KeyShot only visualizes three of the dimensions.)

Below is a screenshot of the adjustment settings you have for the material type and a few other variations. You can download the shader below. After you download, give it a spin, visit the forum and share your own fractal creation!







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