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Today, we’re extremely excited to bring you KeyShot 8.

With new features like displacement, volumetrics, cutaway, images style and more it’s a release focused on boosting your workflow, elevating your visuals, enhancing your experience and extending your reach.

Each of those aspects is important because they represent the top features we’ve discussed with the diverse array of KeyShot users around the world – users who overwhelmingly want to keep the flow going within KeyShot, to go from start to finish, to eliminate the work to get a model into KeyShot and production level visuals out of KeyShot. This is KeyShot 8 – tools that put the emphasis on the flow and less on the work to both save time to keep you creating.

KeyShot 8 Feature Highlight

There are a lot of great new features in KeyShot 8 to help you throughout the process of creating visuals whether it’s creating quick concepts or generating those final product renders. We’ve picked five to highlight for you as both the most asked for features and the new capabilities that will have the biggest impact on what you’re now able to create in KeyShot.

The top features in KeyShot 8 include:

Image Styles

Image Styles is a new feature that allows you to make photographic adjustments to the KeyShot scene in real-time prior to or after rendering. Multiple Image Styles may be created and added to a list for a range of different styles that can then be used in KeyShot Studios. The Photographic option includes adjustments for Tone-Mapping, Curve control, Color adjustments, Background color override, and the ability to apply a Frontplate.


Cutaway is a new approach to creating advanced cutaway graphics which allows you to use parts and 3D primitives to cutaway geometry by assigning the Cutaway material to the object. The Cutaway material also allows you to add and define the Cutaway Caps as a shaded color, the same material as the object to be cut or as a custom material. Additionally, all cutaways may be animated.

Scattering Media

KeyShot now supports the creation of scattering media that allows you to simulate particle scattering and volumetrics such as smoke and fog. This can be used in conjunction with physical lights for visualizing rays/beams of light. With this, you have the option to apply a Density Texture, and apply it just as you would to any other material. Additionally, you can extend the control of the scattering with full support for OpenVDB files applied to the Density Texture as a Volume Map.

Geometry Nodes

KeyShot 8 introduces an entirely new approach to working with geometry in KeyShot. Through the Material Graph, the advance material editor in KeyShot Pro, you now have three new types of geometry nodes (shaders) to modify the geometry of an object with displacement, bubbles or flakes. The Geometry Nodes include:

Displace – Displace allows you to modify the geometry through the use of displacement maps (textures). Displacement maps define the topology of a material similar to a bump map but instead of simulating the height of a surface it actually modifies it.

Bubbles – Bubbles allows you to modify the geometry by automatically adding spherical cavities within an object. Control is provided over bubble size, variation, density, and limit. Additionally, a texture can be used to define the density of the bubbles.

Flakes – Flakes allows you to modify the geometry by turning any object into a three-dimensional volume of square or spherical flakes. Control is provided over flake shape, size, variation, density, and limit. Additionally, a texture can be used to define the density of the flakes.

KeyShot Viewer

KeyShot Viewer is a new, feature-rich application to compliment design reviews, make presentations more interactive, and increase the ability to collaborate. With it, you can open, view and interact with a KeyShot scene in real-time using mouse, touch, pen or stylus to explore the scene or change materials and lighting. You can create Studios and Configurators from within KeyShot for use in KeyShot Viewer as well.

Want to see what all of this looks like and what’s possible? Here’s a quick 4-minute overview video that breaks down each feature and how it works.


There’s a lot more where this came from and even some more you’re capable of doing within each of these tools. We invite you to try KeyShot if you haven’t already to see what the possibilities are. To see more of What’s New in KeyShot, click the button below. And once you’ve seen the great new features in KeyShot, visit the completely revised and updated KeyShot 8 manual and What’s New Guide to see the details.

Ready for KeyShot 8?

If you’re a KeyShot 7 customer on maintenance or purchased KeyShot 7 after August 15th, you can upgrade to KeyShot 8 today using your current serial code. If you would like to purchase KeyShot 8 or upgrade your current KeyShot license, simply visit the store using the button below to view your options. To view your previous orders or access your serial code, visit or, for questions about your current license, contact

What’s New in KeyShot 8 Webinar

On Thursday, October, 4th, we’ll host a live overview and Q&A session. We’ll cover the new capabilities and show how to use new features like Image Style, Cutaway, Scattering, Displacement and others. We expect this to fill up quickly so register soon!

Show Us What You Create!

You may have seen some of the incredible shots on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on the KeyShot Forum that KeyShot 8 beta testers created. We can’t wait to see what you create! Stop by the KeyShot – Amazing Shots forum board or tag us on one of the social media sites mentioned. Show us what you create!


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