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Today we bring you KeyShot 8.1. This new version focuses on stability and feature updates along with new usability features to improve output, issue reporting, and the visual creation workflow.

Just over a month ago, we brought you KeyShot 8. It was a pivotal release introducing features like displacement mapping, bubbles, and flakes, a unique approach to creating cutaways, volumetric materials including volume caustics, interactive image color and intensity curve adjustments and so many great updates.

KeyShot 8.1 follows quickly on the heels of that release to introduce 16-bit PSD output, in-view indicators for geometry shader, full-resolution HDRI update, in-app problem reporting, and invert selection capabilities, along with many other improvements and bug fixes.

KeyShot 8 Feature Highlight

You can view the complete KeyShot 8.1 Release Notes here. The top features in KeyShot 8.1 include:


16-bit PSD Output

16-bit PSD output is now available for still images, animation frames, and configurator output. A 16-bit image contains more tones per color channel than a typical 8-bit image. Set to a CMYK color profile, an 8-bit image has 256 tones per color, where a 16-bit image contains 65,536 tonal values. This provides a higher quality result for printing which requires a higher level of tonal variation.

In-view Indicators

When an update is made to a geometry shader, such as a displacement, flake, or bubble setting, or when an HDRI is changed, and an update is required, the user needs to regenerate the model and/or environment to see the result. If a change in either of these is detected, the user will now see an in-view indicator button to quickly regenerate the geometry and/or HDRI.

Invert Selection

With a selection made, the user will now see the option to ‘Invert Selection’ in the right-click context menu for both the Real-time View and the Project Scene Tree. This aids in the process of quickly selecting and making changes to models or groups of models, such as changing material, hiding/showing models, and moving or grouping/ungrouping models.

In-app Problem Reporting

To improve the customer experience, KeyShot now allows you to report a crash or error directly inside the application, which is then sent directly to Luxion Quality Assurance.

Additional Improvements

Along with these new features, additional improvements have been made to new features in KeyShot 8. Geometry shader improvements include the addition of an ‘Add Geometry Node’ on the Material Graph ribbon and a Label input for the root material node in the Material Graph. Execute Geometry Node only changes the material it is applied to while displacement mesh quality has been improved. Also, a new ‘Seed’ option for Flakes and Bubbles brings quick variation control. The Cutaway feature gets new support for multi-selection of objects when excluding objects as well as support for object outlines when selecting excluded objects in Cutaway properties. Other improvements include pointer support for spotlights in Geometry View, a context menu for Image Styles with Image Styles also retaining Photographic Image Style values when switched to Basic.

KeyShot 8.1 has a great amount of other updates as well. Just look over the release notes to see everything addressed in the release. If you haven’t tried it yet, we invite you to try KeyShot 8 and tell us what you think. If you would like to see what KeyShot 8 has to offer, click the button below to see the new features. And once you’ve done that, visit the completely revised and updated KeyShot 8 manual and What’s New Guide to see more details.

Ready for KeyShot 8.1?

If you already have KeyShot 8 installed, you’ll be prompted to update to KeyShot 8.1 when you start up KeyShot. You can also go to the KeyShot Help menu and select Check for Updates… to start the update.

If you’re a KeyShot customer on maintenance subsrciption or purchased KeyShot 7 after August 15th, you may upgrade to KeyShot 8.1 today using your current serial code.

If you would like to purchase KeyShot 8 or upgrade your current KeyShot license, simply visit the store using the button below to view your options. To view your previous orders or access your serial code, visit or, for questions about your current license, contact [email protected].

KeyShot 8 Displacement

On Thursday, November 29th, we’ll host a special webinar and Q&A session that covers the new displacement feature in KeyShot 8. We’ll go over settings, design variation, and animation of displacement maps. We expect this to fill up quickly so register soon!

Show Us What You Create!

You may have seen some of the incredible KeyShot 8 shots on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on the KeyShot Forum from KeyShot users around the world. We can’t wait to see what you create! Stop by the KeyShot – Amazing Shots forum board or tag us on one of the social media sites mentioned. Show us what you create!


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