KeyShot 5.1 Now Available

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Today, we’re very excited to bring you KeyShot 5.1. It’s available for immediate download here or you can grab the update here.

We’ve built on the features and updates released with KeyShot 5, adding new advanced procedural textures with loads of options, Sørensen Leather materials (via KeyShot Cloud) and Federal Standard colors. We’ve also added improvements with the ability to now edit patterns, add scattering to instances, and render all Cameras and Viewsets via the queue. KeyShot now has multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices, Retina display support and import for PTC Creo 3.0 and CINEMA 4D.

Here’s the quick list of what’s new in KeyShot 5.1. Highlights on the new features and improvements can be seen at The What’s New document available on the page breaks down each new feature with details on how they work.

  • New Pattern Edit and Scattering
  • New Procedural Textures: Brushed, Camouflage, Lattice Circular, Lattice Polygon, Spot, Wood Adv.
  • New Procedural gradient editor
  • New Sørensen Leather Materials
  • New DPI input for textures and labels
  • New FED-STD-595 Camo Colors
  • New Camera Reset on Ribbon toolbar
  • New Render Camera/Viewsets in Queue
  • New Pin grouping in HDR Editor (Pro)
  • New Animation import, playback and render (Pro)
  • New support for machines with over 64 cores
  • Improved Texture mapping
  • Improved Move Tool
  • Improved Selection Outline
  • Multi-touch support
  • Retina display support
  • PTC Creo 3.0 support
  • Cinema 4D support
  • PSD output (single layer)
  • Bug fixes

We look forward to see how you’re using KeyShot to create visuals. Stop by the KeyShot forum to share your work or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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