How the KeyShot Live Linking for SolidWorks Works

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How easy is it to update a SolidWorks model you’ve already imported to KeyShot? With a single click of a button. How does that sound? The upcoming release of the KeyShot plugin for SolidWorks adds the new Live Linking functionality we’re bringing between 3D modeling application and amazing renderings. Without having to update any of the work you’ve done in KeyShot, you can make your changes in SolidWorks, hit Update and see the changes instantly inside KeyShot. All materials stay intact. Here’s how it works.

KeyShot Live Linking for SolidWorks

1. Your model in SolidWorks
You start with your model in SolidWorks. This is a Disc Brake from GrabCAD user Alberto.

2. Your model imported into KeyShot
As usual, you select Render from the KeyShot menu to send your model directly into KeyShot.

3. Your model updated in SolidWorks
Of course, model changes always happen. In this case, some of the holes where enlarged to reduce weight. Fortunately, after you’ve spent hours making changes to the model, you can send the update to KeyShot in seconds by selecting Update from the KeyShot menu.

4. Your model updated in KeyShot
And that quick, the changes made to your model show up in KeyShot, with the materials and settings completely intact.

Some Cool Tricks

Step through Your Model
You can roll back the Rebuild bar in SolidWorks, hit Update and send the model at that point in your History into KeyShot. This is great for creating step-by-step build/machining instructions or update a model without having to delete all the features.

Improve Model Quality
You can update the quality of the model import after you’ve already imported to KeyShot, but increasing the Image Quality Setting in SolidWorks, then Updating the model via the plugin’s Update option.

We’re wrapping up the testing on the plugin that will be available for free from the KeyShot Plugin page.

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